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Spring time is here!

Here we are outside enjoying some warm sun and bubbles. We walked down to the bridge to watch the rain water rushing thru the creek across the street. The daffodils are popping up all over, we are just waiting to see the first leaf buds popping on the trees. Nathan is officially off of crutches and able to walk. He starts physical therapy in about a week and will be out of the boot in about four more weeks.

Here are some snaps from today. The last one is of us trying to take a family portrait which did not really work out. The shot we where we were actually all looking at the camera came out fuzzy. We will have to try again tomorrow.

I am struggling a little with this whole blogging process since the program is a bit limiting and I have these ideas about how I want the photos to post and such but I either can't figure how to work the system or my aspirations are too high. I have been reading blogs for about two years now and all of their sites are totally fabulous, professiona…
Here is a series of drawings by Sadie.
She drew them all by herself and told us what they were of without any prompting.
The lovely portraits of us were done a couple weeks ago.

Sadie finds her Easter basket

Today we received an Easter package from Grammy, which included a whole field's worth of Easter grass. Soon after the unveiling of the candy and a few pieces were consumed, the Easter grass began to creep around the room and take over with some help from little Miss Sadie.
I also wanted to include a shot of the new coveted footwear and Sadie's most recent haircut.

This pair of cowboy boots came from Grandma and Grandpa and was recently rediscovered last week in her closet. At this very moment Sadie is singing an original song about her shoes entitled "It is my shoe is gone, it is running in my shoe. Is my shoe gone?"
She is also playing the drum to accompany her singing. Really, really funny. "The drawer is open, the drawer is open and is my panties gone, is my panties gone." That is the second verse.

Spring may just be here!

Yesterday we had a rainy day all day, but no snow! As we were leaving Starbucks earlier today I spied some tulips poking out of the ground. They were just starting but it is a great sign that spring may be here soon. I can't wait for the leaves to pop on the trees. Another month and there will be flowers and birds singing and bunnies hopping around, just like a Disney movie!

Here is a picture of little Miss Neela in her Irish garb for St. Patties Day. Could not pass up posting this gem!

I am cold and miserable out here. I have a tough head cold that is really zapping my energy. SO I wanted to find a warm sunny photo from the archives to remember what it feels like to wear a t-shirt out in the sunshine. This is from Easter of last year. I am really starting to miss the mellow weather on the west coast. But soon spring will be here, right? Grandma Benson says March 15th will be the beginning of spring and she has lived here her whole life, by 87 I think she has a good idea of when it might happen.

Sleepy Afternoon

Here we see Nathan and Sadie "watching" golf. In my opinion one of the dullest sports to watch on tv and as a result the above picture. For all of you who have requested documentation of the achilles incident, the infamous boot is also pictured here.
It has been cold and snowy/rainy depending on the time of day here for the past couple of days, and man, am I ready for spring! I am not asking for seventies or eighties. Just maybe some regular days of the low sixties would make me happy. My SoCal blood has toughened a little but thirties during the day is just too cold!

Here is a belly shot from today.

Hey did you know you can make a comment thru this blog back to us?
Here comes Sadie and Lady!
During our stay in Colorado, Sadie really liked running thru the woods with Luci, Nate and all the dogs. Her favorite dog was Lady because she was the only one shorter than her. We went to the RadioCity Music Hall and the Rockets' Christmas Spectacular for a girl's day out. Sadie really enjoyed the dancing and singing.

Other than that, she spent a lot of time with her cousins, Luci and Nate. They played and had sleep overs. They got to have ice cream with sprinkles every night at Grandma's! They all enjoyed the electric train that circled the Christmas tree. It even had real smoke as it chug-chugged around the circle. Sadie became an excellent conductor and knew just how fast to make it go without de-railing it.

But her favorite gift was her ruby slippers she received from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas. She wore them all day and all night, even to bed. Then when we left them at the house, Grandpa packed them in his suitcase and broug…
Here is Miss Sadie throwing snowballs at me and the camera. I think it is her favorite outdoor activity these days. When Grandma visited they threw about a hundred snow balls down the hill and she has not stopped talking about it since. She says, "Grandma and Great Grandma Benson come over and we go out and throw snowballs?!". She says it as if that is what is on the agenda for the day, every morning!See below.