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Baby time

We are back in babyland. The days kind of blur away and the nights follow. I forgot how hard a newborn can be, even when everything is going good. Sadie and Nate seem to be having a ball playing and arguing about three year old topics, like who's blanket is who's and which ball belongs to whoever. I don't have any new photos to share right now but I wanted to get something up this week none the less. I need to go get some lunch.

Daffodil Girl

Yesterday it was in the mid-eighties, so once the sun went behind the trees we went out to get some fresh air. Sadie ran her laps as she always has to burn off all her extra energy and wacked the trees with a stick she found. Here are some action shots:



Home from the Hospital

Well we are home now and Emma and I are doing well. I feel good and seem to be healing up quickly. The whole experience was different than the first time, less scarey but equally as nerve racking. Little Emma has been doing quite well after a long day and night on Saturday. She loves to eat and sleep, and not having stress of a baby not eating has made this time around much easier than with Sadie, she almost worried us to death!
More photos below...
Daddy and Emma

Sadie meet Emma, Emma meet Sadie...
Mama and Emma
Hello everyone, this is "the dad" here. I was a little late getting these photos up, but look below to see the new arrival. Sara and Emma are both doing great. Emma is a really good eater, and (so far) isn't too noisy. The doc says Sara won't come home until Tuesday, but we're hoping to sneak her out the back door at least a day early. After Sadie met Emma she asked, "Mama, is your tummy little?" and "Thank you, Mama, for the baby!"
Emma Elizabeth, born April 15, 2005, 9lbs 7oz, 20 inches

Sadie Meets Emma


I can see the finish line...

Well we have an actual date for a c-section if this little wigglebottom still refuses to come out on her own. I really don't like picking the birthdays of our children, seems like it should be up to them to decide. Oh well, what can you do. Sadie is excited to have her new sister here, I think she has some sort of twisted two year old concept about the new baby coming. Her favorite new movie is Dumbo but she has not asked if a stork is going to bring the baby home.
Meanwhile there was a blizzard in Colorado last night, so the grandparents maybe stuck there for another day rather than arriving here today as expected.
Not much else going on here. Everything is starting to grow here with all the warm weather. Yesterday I drove thru a neighborhood where everyone had a pink magnolia tree in their gardens and they were all blooming quite beautifully.
Oh and the other day Nathan and I were sitting out back in the sun and a huge turkey walked thru the woods at the back of the propert…

Daylight Savings

Is anyone else having a hard time with this daylight savings switch? It just seems like now it should be summer. I never remember how early this starts! Seems like the day just goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to be able to have that extra time at the end of the day, but it takes me a while to remember that I need to start dinner before it is dark. Right now it is 723pm and still light out! I guess this northern local stays light longer than SoCal.

Today was a great outdoors day. It was around 70 here. I even was able to sport a tank top while we were out back kicking the ball around. But our adventure was cut short when Sadie tumbled down the back hill, banging her knee on a rock as she did a somersault, head over heels. We were almost off to the doctor since when she tried to walk on it, her leg would give out. I put her in observation for an hour and it eventually was walkable but still wobbly when running. Then we had movie time and she seems to back to regular st…


I think I have finally vacuumed up all of the Easter grass throughout the house. Maybe the chocolate bunnies were out every night romping in the pastel colored plastic strands because every morning there seemed to be more strewn about. For some reason I love the pastel foil wrappers on Easter candies, it is all the same candy from Halloween, skip the Peeps but something about that pastel foil makes the candy even more desirable.
Nathan painted the baby's room yesterday and so it is finally finished. We went with the green color that was already on the walls. There was a border all around half way up the walls, so we removed that and cleaned up the line of green paint and it turned out very cute. Who knows maybe in a year or so I will use the color I original bought, but Nathan did not really like it so much. Compromise: stick with the green for now.
There is so much more painting I would like to do throughout the house but I just have to wait it out until little Miss Wiggle-bottom …