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Grammar Police Hoax Revealed

Okay,okay. Everyone calm down. This grammar police con is just an inside joke between Nathan and I. He is the grammar police. You can all just take a deep breath and laugh a little!


Here are the girls snuggling under the "tovers." Our hot water is back! The water heater exploded on Friday night while we were sleeping. We had to wait until today to get a plumber out here to fix it. The siding is still going up thru heat, humidity and rain! Kind of like the postal service. There are thunder storms predicted this afternoon so the hammering is at a feverish pace to stay on schedule.
We will post some pictures once it is all finished.

Emma's new shoes!

Here is a pair of "oh, so sweet!" felt shoes I sewed up for Emma today. They are just so cute, I can't believe it. Her picture is a little silly, but trying to get the perfect shot would take hours.

In Memory Of Tito...

...a cat who never left the house without his tuxedo.

Too tired to play...

Okay, so some how this time around we got a baby who just wants to lay down so she can go to sleep. No rocking, or singing, or walking around. Just lay her down and she will figure out how to get to sleep. This comes as a shock that these types really exsist after Sadie. I have heard many a mom tell how their child just goes to sleep or wants to be left alone to fall deeply off to sleep. And I have heard the mom's tell about the baby that would only sleep in her arms or with a certain blanket or whatever too. Not until now have I actually experienced a baby that really just wants to lay down away from all other distractions and just sleep. Wow, it sure is nice. Now, how to get a three year old to go to bed before midnight...that is our next challenge.

Holy Fire Flies, Batman!

Fireflies, fireflies everywhere. Wow, I felt like I was floating down the musty river in Pirates of the Carribean but these were not flickering lights hanging from a thread, they were real bugs blinking away, looking for a sweetheart on a Saturday night. They are just so amazing! It reminds me of one of my favorite blogs and illustrators here and this and a last one. Ah, they make me happy

Sweet Bliss


Mark this day, Emma found her thumb. After about five minutes, she was
happy in sleepy time again.

Another bit a Jersey

So the man who was selling us new siding decides to say, "Did you know there is a nudist colony in Basking Ridge?" as we are signing the contract. I guess by then he figured we were committed and he could say anything just to make conversation. But really, is that ever something you say to someone you are selling something to unless you are selling memberships to the nudist colony? Any who, these are the folks we meet out here in New Jersey. Amilda told me about one of her patient's daughters who just had a baby in South America. I responded saying that New Jersey was enough of a foreign country to have children in for me.

This afternoon Sadie decided that clothes no longer had any use for her and she would frolic about without. Which is what reminded me of this bit of Jersey from the other night. Emma was just being brand conscious.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Benson

This weekend we headed up to Esprance to celebrate Grandma Benson's birthday with the whole family. Sadie had lots of fun playing with Buddy the cat and everyone else. The car ride there seemed to last forever when first Sadie got sick all over everything and then Emma followed about twenty minutes later. So after two hours we were not half thru what should have been a two and a half hour drive. Of course we made it finally and the party was great, seeing everyone we had not seen for many years. Here are some pictures of all the excitment.

Uncle Doug and Sadie ; Cathy and Sadie

Mama and Emma ; Denise and Sadie ; Grandma and Emma

But did I mention it was HOT?! Our weather has been quite muggy these days. It is supposed to be cooling after today. The heat index was forcast to be 104 in the city thanks to the wonderful humidity none of you west coasters could imagine. It is not good when the natives are already dreaming of fall

Jersey Rock

Ok there is this thing about the radio here. It is Jersey rock. Actually it is not just on the radio, you hear it in restuarants and grocery stores where ever muszac is played. Imagine the 80's, some long-haired rockers with highlights and perms, bouncing around on stage with tight pants and torn shirts. This is the music that follows you thru the state. I thought it was funny at first when we went out and heard it. Then I started noticing this everywhere! Of course, Bruce Springstein is the state hero so maybe that has something to do with it. Just another Jersey tale to tell.

Busy, busy


Fancy circus tricks


Hop in the tub



Little brains at work come up with some of the best things. Sadie made up a word for what she was making here in the photo, footspots. It was so cute there was no way I was going to give her a more recognised word for the things. I love her footspots too much.

Tub Time!

Here we are enjoying some cool water in the ninety degree heat at 10:30 am this morning. Yes, it was that hot. During our outside time we watered the wilting flowers and made lots of bubbles. Sadie made "foot spots" on the driveway which was a shady haven under the big Ash and Maple trees. Emma joined us as well before she went inside for a nip and nap. She really enjoys looking up at the trees. Last night Emma and I went for a walk around eight. She watched the trees and sky the whole time until the last few yards when her eyes slowly closed.
We have thunderstorms heading in tonight so that should be interesting but help cool things down a bit more overnight as they did on Monday night.

Nathan's "Business" Trip

So I went to Europe with a couple work folks last week. A day in Milan for a meeting, then two days at the French Open and more meetings in Paris. Milan was not too exciting, mostly because we were in and out in 25 hours and we spent most of our time inside of buildings (not the cool old historic ones, just the industrial types built late in the last century). Paris was more mellow (and slightly less work). I got to hang out with my dad for dinner one night, caught some tennis, and went to every athletic shoe store in Paris that matters. I'm excited to go back soon and take Sara. A couple more photos attached below.

A laugh a minute...

French Kids

Streets of paris

French Department Store

Rooftop dinner



Baby Emma


Grammar Police

I have been caught by the grammar police who have secretly infiltrated my house. The blog has officially been cited for poor use of pronouns and spelling mistakes. I apologize to any and all persons that have been horror struck by these acts while reading this blog. I pledge to try my best to avoid such atrocities in the future.

(For the official record, the spell check gave "staplers" as a suggestion for a miss spelling of "caterpillars".)