Happy Birthday, Grandma Benson

This weekend we headed up to Esprance to celebrate Grandma Benson's birthday with the whole family. Sadie had lots of fun playing with Buddy the cat and everyone else. The car ride there seemed to last forever when first Sadie got sick all over everything and then Emma followed about twenty minutes later. So after two hours we were not half thru what should have been a two and a half hour drive. Of course we made it finally and the party was great, seeing everyone we had not seen for many years. Here are some pictures of all the excitment.

Uncle Doug and Sadie ; Cathy and Sadie

Mama and Emma ; Denise and Sadie ; Grandma and Emma

But did I mention it was HOT?! Our weather has been quite muggy these days. It is supposed to be cooling after today. The heat index was forcast to be 104 in the city thanks to the wonderful humidity none of you west coasters could imagine. It is not good when the natives are already dreaming of fall


Papa said…
Great-Grandma Benson?
nate said…
She's my Grandma and easily distinguished by Sadie with the label: Grandma Benson!
1000hats said…
Or do you mean, Grandma Venson!?

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