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Tales from the ER

Okay so I never thought there would come a day when I would need to use tweezers to remove an object from my child's nose but that day has come. Although, I must admit that I already have some experience removing miscellaneous items from noses. Yes, as a mere 5 year old I was called upon to remove one dry pinto bean that had found its way up Sonja's nose, which I was able to accomplish with ease. This was back in the days before strict laws were in effect regarding daycare toys. For some reason the table filled with dry beans was taken off the list of acceptable items that should be present in a daycare these days. Anywho, back to the story about tweezers...Emma and I are in the office and I hear Sadie playing out in the living room. Next I hear funny breathing and many sneezes. Then Sadie says, " Mama, I keep sneezing..." pause "Mama, I hurt." And now bursting into tears and crying, "I hurt, I hurt, my nose." So I run out to meet her in the hall …

Norman Rockwell-esque

Here is our new garden by the back gate. We discovered that our soil is 20% dirt and 80% rocks! Not too fun for planting out, but now I want to put in flowers everywhere! Everything is sooo formal here it is starting to get to me. After we put in this little bit, thanks to Nathan's suggestion, I want some more color all over.

Also Sadie likes to talk on our new kitchen phone so here are some snaps from that. And also the little Peter Rabbit who comes in to eat grass in the back each night with his mother.

And one more story from today...we were walking up the driveway and Sadie spies a huge ant. She picks it up and says "He likes me, he thinks I am cute and I am smart..." These are the things she comes up with!

Conversations with Emma

It was kinda like this...
Really, it was! Isn't that funny?


At the height of preschool fashion

Kids these days! Sadie likes to think that the ear phones are a stethoscope and plays doctor, check out everyone to make sure they are ok. But today she realized that they have music too.

Emma was rolling onto her tummy all day today and lifting her head, she is so strong!
I had to put the big diaper box beside her to keep her from turning over and then getting all upset that she was stuck there. She had a conversation with the baby on the box for awhile after that.

Little Miss M

good hands

Emma is three months today!
She has discovered that after her thumb the best entertainment is watching all the things she can make her hands do. Today while she was on her gym mat she grabbed the butterfly and would not let go. She was quite pleased at how she could hold on to its legs and pull and shake. Also, while doing some "tummy time", she held her head off the floor to look around for quite some time. The milestones are flying by.
On the Sadie front, she has been busy with books, bugs and bubbles. We went the library on Tues and today to get out. She had a bunch of fun. Later she explained that one of the girl's mom was calling her Katie not Sadie. She was a bit upset about it in the Sadie kind of way. We decided on a circus theme for her b-day party since she had so much fun with Nathan when they went. We don't have any elephants or tigers planned to be there, but who knows what Nathan will pull off last minute.

Tonight we had "vasagna" and o…


on our way to the park Sadie notices a spider that has spun it's web between the driver's side mirror and the door. She asks "what is that yellow ball thing spinning around?", and I tell her it is a spider. "Oh my gosh, I have never seen that before. We should bounce it off of there,"is her reply.

Fourth of July...

This is actually from Sunday. We went to a new park this afternoon that was the extent of our celebration, oh and I made the flag cake found in MS Living a couple years ago. I have been wanting to make it for a long time so decided this was the time. It was really yummy.

Last night I had a dream that Emma laughed for the first time and I told her about it this morning. Then this afternoon I was singing Pat-A-Cake and she laughed for the first time! I just remembered that I had the dream tonight while I was nose to the grind stone on the sewing machine. I was finishing up a quilt that I started for Sadie when I think she was one or so...yes it has taken awhile to complete. But it is now complete!!

Below are some more of us girls. I thought the one of little Emma with her tongue out just too cute. I had just finished taking about a million pictures, I think she was telling me what she thought of it all. Well I am off to bed.

Knit Knack

Here is the "e" raglan sweater I made for Emma. The pattern is from a Debbie Bliss book and I added the e by stitching over the yellow stitches. The yarn is Debbie Bliss- cashmerino aran. It went quite quickly but I hope it still fits her when the weather is cooler. It should, it is quite baggy. I also want to do a "s" sweater for Sadie in the same style.

The weather is beautiful. I really do like it back here even though some may think I don't by all of my "Jersey" posts. It is just so different than San Diego, where I have lived all my years up until now.
Some things that are different that I enjoy:

green grass without the use of a hose
lots of really really tall trees
a Bambi like spring
bunnies, deer, and chipmonks everywhere
old houses