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Nate + Eight

Hello, All. Nate here. Yes, Sara let me hijack the blog. Just wanted to recount the great time I had here about a week ago sharing the house with eight women! Four were on their way to Cape Cod, another was just here to see us and NYC, and the other three live in the house with me all the time. All the visitors took some time to brave the heat and visit the city (and the Fila store!). Sadie, of course, loved playing with Amanda and Katie. And she's still talking about them, I guess wondering if they are still at "the hotel." When told that we were going to call her Uncle Tedd to say happy birthday last weekend, she wanted to know..."Is he at the hotel??" Lots of folks coming through Jersey to see us have visited the famous local hotel, so Sadie is well aware. We love all the visitors and miss you all!

We need boundaries here, people.

No, I am sorry, not everything can be knit or crocheted! Somebody has a little too much time and way too much yarn on their hands over there at Lion Brand. Is this an actual paid potition? To sit around and come up with this?! Do they think that this creation is going to sell yarn? Wow, I just don't know about some things...
(Sorry due to technical difficulties the photo is no longer available, but trust me, it was bad!)
Did I ever tell the story of Nicole and I making and SELLING earrings made out of rubber washers? Well we did, and we sold a ton! This was back in the day of splatter paint on everything, remember the shops where you could splatter paint shirts and other stuff, a late eighties version of Color Me Mine, those paint it yourself pottery places. Well, we splattered some paint on these rubber washers left over from clock movements my mom used for her business. Put some hook earring hangers on them and "ta-da", raging eighties fashion perfect, for sell…

Lions, and Tigers and Bears...

Yes, come to find out there is a mighty bear population in New Jersey. I noticed an article in the paper that was spread out on the ground underneath Sadie's rocking chair that I have been meaning to paint since her second birthday, oh no her first! Ahh, where has the time gone. Anyway, so I was painting this rocking chair and the paper had a feature about the large population of bears and how they are becoming a nuisance, breaking into homes and sheds, and there are about 3400 in the state, and they are HAVING A BEAR HUNT in December! What, a bear hunt?! I guess they had one 2 years ago and there was a huge uproar(he-he) from the animals rights groups, yada, yada, yada. I stopped reading about there, but I had to share the news.
It has been great weather lately, nice and warm. Sadie and I and Emma too, went to the park yesterday to try and fly a little kite I found for Sadie, but the wind was just gusty and not constant enough to really catch it. It flew for about 15 secon…


This is the work of a really big plastic slide at the park. If you touch her you really get zapped!

Just clowning around.

Emma has found her cute little piggies...

How I love that smile.

This reminded me of Forrest Gump, these are her really FAST running shoes which cause her to run everywhere when she has them on. Run, Sadie, run. If she is going anywhere, she was runnin'.

Weekend Wahoo

Sonja is in town this weekend and the Hess Mess and Aunt Debby-U as well. So the house has been hoppin' with Sadie leading the parade. At the moment, it is 10:50pm and she is still loud and going strong while she gets her stories for bed. All the visitors are going into the city tomorrow to see the sites.
On Friday, Sonja went into the city with Nathan to cruise around so I decided to head out to a book sale in town with both of the girls in tow. I am not sure why I thought we could get thru it without a hitch. First of all I needed to get some cash but I wanted to go to a drive thru atm so I did not have to get everyone in and out of the car anymore than necessary. Our bank is like four towns over so anyway I never have cash. So I decided to go to the BofA but they were working on the driveway so I went to the bank next door where I could not find any atm so I pulled thru into the BofA and could not find the atm there. Next I went to some other bank which also did not have…


the peaches are so good right now. I just finished one and it was just grand.

Today was doctor day and wow am I glad it is over. Does anyone else have to drag their three year old into the exam room when her name is called? Every time a nurse would come out to the lobby Sadie would ask if it was her turn until after waiting for forty five minutes it was actually her turn. She had been playing with a little girl the whole time and she was figuring out that playing would probably be much better than seeing the doctor. I finally got her in there once one of the nurses took Emma in for me and I could get Sadie myself. Then there is Emma who quickly figures out if she is not with me or Nathan and the lower lip pops out and her face turns red and the siren goes off until of course I come back into the scene. The little girl's grandmother, who Sadie was playing with, took her for me while I took Sadie to the bathroom and Emma quickly caught on that I was no longer in the room and began to…


I did it. I finally made it to a local knitting group at the library in town. It was so much fun. Lots of great yarn, ideas and new faces. There were ladies who knit for charity, a million miles per hour, and every skill level. Now I want to get all my yarn out and figure out what project to do next. But then there is my softies too. Currently, I am working on a pumpkin head girlie and plans for an owl from one of my most favorite books from childhood, Owl at Home. Sadie loves the book too so I thought she might appreciate the owl as well.
We have been a bit busier than normal with outings to the library #1 and #2, the park, the grocery, etc. So I have not been using the camera much. Our new tradition currently is going to the ice cream store on Saturday night. Definitely the place to be if you are under 5 on a Saturday night. Today we went to the library for crafts that they host once a month. Yesterday we were also at the library for a while and visited the park in the …

One liner of the day

Sadie: Comes running in from outside for dinner, up the stairs and exclaims, "Mama, I looove meat." Then she is off, running up the next set of stairs to her room.

Brown-eyed Girl

I know, I know. These pictures are basically the same but she was just too cute so I HAD to post all of these. But actually there are more that I left unposted. So, yes I do take way too many pictures of our kids. But I am not emailing them out to everyone I know, you all have made a choice to look at the site and be overrun with baby pictures. I guess some people consider getting emails from family and friends of their kids or grandkids as boring and on the level of junk mail from what I read in an article in the paper. But I don't think these same people receive an inordinate amount of forwards with pictures of cute, little, winking kittens and angels with moving wings ,or all the information that you should know if you are ever caught walking thru a dark parking lot ,or how to escape if someone locks you in your trunk ,or if you send this chain letter to 400 people in the next 15 seconds the wish that you write at the bottom of the page will come true in one week ,or any other …
Sadie got another hair cut last night. She did really well in between major wiggling fits. But I was able to cut her bangs somewhat straight, the back was a different story. By then, Nathan had brought up the video camera and Sadie was just itching to get her hands on it. He flipped the screen so she could see but that just added to the wiggle power. I shot him a look and he shut it off and laughed saying he thought she would be more still if she could she herself. In reality, she just goes into major performance mode and then all hope is lost. By school it should have grown out enough not to show all the wonky parts!

I guess this has been a hairy week by all the posts, he-he.

Hair Club for Babies



Try this amazing product! Were you born with lots of hair that all fell out during the first few weeks, or maybe you did not have any to begin with. This product can restore all of those lovely, lost locks or bring in some truely amazing, never-before-seen hair on your little head. For a limited time only, get it while you can!
Eeeeee! Aren't they cute?!

I was just reading thru Sadie's packet for school and I was getting nervous like I was going to school again for the first time. So I had to put it down and post this picture so I don't freak out. I never liked the first days of school, the new teacher and all the new faces and places to go. I think one of my most common bad dreams is having to go to school or class and having some bizarre obstacle in my way keeping me from getting there. Sometimes the car I was driving would slowly lose parts until it was just a skateboard with a steering wheel or my clothes that I needed were at Martha's house so I had to walk over there to get them, or I could not find something I needed to take to school so I would go out searching for it and end up miles from school hours later. But I also used to wake up on Saturdays in college trying to think of what class I was late for. Do you think I had a complex or what?
I just hope Sadie does not get any of that fr…

Who is who?

I was inspired by Alisha to do a little compare and contrast. Emma has always looked different than Sadie to me but they do have some shared expressions or whatever you call them at this point. Here are some I found. It actually makes me realize how different they really are. There is a photo of Nathan when he is about Sadie's age that she really resembles. Funny how different looks remind you of different people in the family. I saw a photo of Amilda that looked a lot like Emma at Grandma Benson's house. Got to go feed the children!


Okay, I think Sadie finally is caught up on her sleep from all the roaring days and nights spent with cousins frolicking about. Yesterday she woke from a three hour nap and was not crying, but ready to do something fun. I, on the other hand, have not quite recovered for what ever reason. Too many things to do and not enough sleep, I guess. Emma seems to be back in the habit of eating multiple times a night so that has had me up more than normal. I need like a week of uninterupted sleep, so I am not falling asleep on the floor next to Emma while Sadie runs around the house doing whatever comes to mind.

Sadie found a magic feather in the front yard today that she was all excited about when I came home from grocery shopping. No, I did not leave her out in the yard while I went to the store, she was here with Nathan.

I wish I had some really fantastic photos to post but alas I don't. The batteries are dead yet again and I have not replaced them. Oh well, you will have to settle for this…

Happy Birthday!

All the festivities have come to a close. Sadie loved her birthday weekend with everyone here, especially Luci and Nate. We are thinking of swinging by the west coast around the New Year, after Christmas spent in Colorado. I can't believe it is August already, the summer has just flown by.