Nate + Eight

Hello, All. Nate here. Yes, Sara let me hijack the blog. Just wanted to recount the great time I had here about a week ago sharing the house with eight women! Four were on their way to Cape Cod, another was just here to see us and NYC, and the other three live in the house with me all the time. All the visitors took some time to brave the heat and visit the city (and the Fila store!). Sadie, of course, loved playing with Amanda and Katie. And she's still talking about them, I guess wondering if they are still at "the hotel." When told that we were going to call her Uncle Tedd to say happy birthday last weekend, she wanted to know..."Is he at the hotel??" Lots of folks coming through Jersey to see us have visited the famous local hotel, so Sadie is well aware. We love all the visitors and miss you all!


Papa said…
Hey, It's Late Night with Blogmiester Nate!! Good to hear from you. Great photo of the group.
Is Emma actually waving? Sadie looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the "sisterhood".

I'm working nights on an AC controls project. By the time I get adjusted to the hours, the night work will be over. E-mail me about how thw FILA Store is going.

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