We need boundaries here, people.

No, I am sorry, not everything can be knit or crocheted! Somebody has a little too much time and way too much yarn on their hands over there at Lion Brand. Is this an actual paid potition? To sit around and come up with this?! Do they think that this creation is going to sell yarn? Wow, I just don't know about some things...
(Sorry due to technical difficulties the photo is no longer available, but trust me, it was bad!)
Did I ever tell the story of Nicole and I making and SELLING earrings made out of rubber washers? Well we did, and we sold a ton! This was back in the day of splatter paint on everything, remember the shops where you could splatter paint shirts and other stuff, a late eighties version of Color Me Mine, those paint it yourself pottery places. Well, we splattered some paint on these rubber washers left over from clock movements my mom used for her business. Put some hook earring hangers on them and "ta-da", raging eighties fashion perfect, for selling at high class swap meets like Koby's. I really can't believe anyone bought them.


Alisha said…
I can't believe you found this!!! Those earrings are EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Where can I get a pair?!?!

Maybe they're a tiny bit over the top.
Papa said…
They're dual purpose!! When they get a little too much body oil in them and they begin to droop, her hubby or fishing guy friend can use them to catch walleye!!
1000hats said…

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