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Where have we been?

Well this week was a wild ride. Sunday night Sadie's cold began to progress into her typical bad reaction. Difficult breathing, lethargic and totally not her self. When she was going to bed I could hear the beginning of a wheeze coming on and by two am she was throwing up because it was so hard for her to breath. I did not realize this was the reason until later. So I nursed her through the night hoping to see some sort of improvement but by the next morning she was only worse. So I made an appt for the doc first thing and after a breathing treatment with little improvement we were sent off the ER for more thorough treatment. Three nebulizer treatments, an iv for steroid, and one chest xray later, Sadie was coming back to herself again. About three Monday afternoon we were home again and I knew Sadie was feeling better because she was saying "No!" again. Thank goodness.

So we have had to continue with treatments every few hours everyday this week and she is just act…

Oh yeah...

Shh. Don't tell anyone but Sadie has been without pull-ups at night this whole week and no wet bed! We ran out of them and so we just decided to go with it. When we were at Target this weekend I knew there was something that we needed from the diaper section. I just stood there staring in the direction of the BABY CARE sign wondering what is was we needed. Diapers? no bought a bunch on our last trip. Wipes? no. I just remembered as I was writing this that I was going to get some more pull-ups. Oh well, guess my brain was actually handling the situation correctly rather than malfunctioning!

Oh yeah, I am supposed to write the posts...

For some reason I have been checking our blog, thinking that some how something new would magically appear.

Sadie has her first school cold, yay! Isn't it fun picking up everyone else's germs?Oh well, I am trying not to think about it and dread the fact that we all might be sick by the end of the week. Fresh air and sunshine will hopefully keep us healthy this week.

We start Story Time at the library this week on Wednesday. Nathan is living adato these days and it has him a bit on the stressed side of life. We had an uneventful weekend, which was good I think. We finished up the details on the bathroom downstairs, found the paint color for the family room, began thinking more about the kitchen face lift and watched a really depressing movie that had great costumes since it was set in the fall of 1950 England; lots of great knits, dresses and skirts. So I guess it was not all that bad.

Right now Sadie is bargaining for a biscuit to take to bed after her swig of Robitussin. I think…

Details, details...

There are all these little things that I have wanted to post. Above is a picture from Sadie's first day of school. I did not bring a camera but many people did,one mom actually had a camera and a video camera that she used to capture the day. I am sure that child has all his milestones including his own birth recorded for his review at some future date.
Emma is getting her first tooth. I had just talked to Nana and Papa on Sunday and the topic had come up," No teeth yet,"I had said. Well, I spoke without consulting my crystal ball, for it could not be considered too soon because there was not a tooth there when I made my claim. The next day while Sadie and I were at the library I discovered the little bumps forcasting the arrival of a new tooth. It is not truely showing yet but each morning it has made some progress. So this afternoon after dropping Sadie off at school I spent and hour and a half with a not too happy baby. She was too impatient to eat and too grouchy to j…

Post # 100

Sadie says," Babies really like to sit forward," in reference to Emma leaning way over in her bouncy seat at dinner tonight.
She also told us as we were driving to a sale today," Emma said 'buildings', listen Daddy Emma is saying 'buildings', hear her?"

In other news, the news out here is soooo bizarre. It is entertaining. We hardly ever watched it in SD but here it is just wacky. Too many people in too little space, I think.

After dinner...

the post dinner funk had come over Sadie and she was tired. Nathan was upset with her for talking back about changing into clean underware. She came down stairs in a grumpy mood about the whole thing. She finished her cookie and began to wave a napkin around that had been used to mop up the milk and cookie crumbs around her place at the table. Bits of soggy oatmeal were flying by my face when I asked her to stop and she kept on. So Nathan pulled out her chair and told her to get down from the table if she was done. At this, she removed herself from her chair and stood up with her fist pounding the table like a judge in a unruly courtroom and declared,"No more people moving my chair!" And with that, headed for the kitchen to negotiate for another cookie.

In other news, Happy Five Months, Emma!

Sadie's big twirl...

Back in the day... Sadie girl today.

On the way to bed...

...grabbing thread hanging from a feather pillow that may weigh more than Sadie, she says,"Come on pillow, let's go."

First day of School

We have now officially completed the first week of school. The first day was just an hour long and the kids played the whole time and ended with a story. Today was the first full day. Now many parents dread the day they have to make their child go to school, and I was a bit concerned but mainly because it is a big new adventure.
So today I took Sadie in with her blue school bag. We made it into the hall and were waiting with everyone else for the door to open to be let in for class. As we got near the door, Sadie bolts into the class and the teacher has to call her back to hang up her bag on the hook outside the door. So she obliges by quickly walking back out and handing the bag to me and off she goes back into class. No goodbye or see you later.
Meanwhile, I have been holding Emma in the carrier while streams of children and their parents are trying to say their goodbyes are swirling around me. It was a bit crowded to say the least. So I think to myself, "do I try to peek in…

New dress!

Sadie is wearing a beautiful new dress from Great Aunt Lil. It is smocked with tiny pearls and blue embroidered flowers which equals lots of work and even more patience. Thank you Lil ! Emma's dress is one I knitted.



Untitled (for lack of any creative line that could be placed in this space.)

cool kids
We are on our way to the park in this photo from today. Sadie ran and jumped and climbed and ran and did swings and ran and toughed it out when the boy in the blue shirt was being mean and ran some more. Afterwards she said, "Mama, you wore me out," followed by a big sigh.

Emma received a beautiful quilt from her Great-Aunt Judy last week. Here she is showing it off.

These are the tales...

After telling the story of the three little pigs for the thousandth time in the last couple months, Sadie says" The wolf should not eat pigs, they're not food! He should eat macaroni!"
I rolled over a spider with the rocking chair on the porch and one of the legs came off.
Sadie says,"Is that a leg from the spider?"
S:"Oh,no he broke his leg. He should go get a new the spider store!"
M:"At the spider store?! We don't have a spider store here."
S:"No we don't have a spider store in our town."
M:"Do you think they have one in NYC?"
S:"Yeah, there is a spider store in New York City. I think we could find one there."

From the mouth of Sadie...

...running up to the top of the stairs with me and Emma trailing behind. She stops, crouches and mutters, "Mama, I love hopping!" Bound, bound, bound up the next set of stairs.

NJ Adventure # 234

Tonight we were off to pick up Nathan at the train station in downtown Newark, and boy was that colorful. I was thinking it is probably not a good sign when you come off the freeway and all the people you see milling about are: 1.wearing wife-beater tank tops (or for those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, a white hanes ribbed tank top for men made famous on the tv show COPS), 2. all those people also have many various tatoos inscribed on their well defined,(maybe prison made) arm muscles, 3. you see a cop or five every other block, 4.lots of people are sitting out on the stoop of their brownstone apartments(kind of like Seasame Street, only a lot darker, scarier and Big Bird is nowhere in sight). If you find yourself in a neighborhood that seems to fit this description you may want to make no detours and follow the directions exactly as printed out on the mapquest directions and hope this time there are no mistakes.
So anyway while we were visiting this lovely part of town, we we…