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Halloween Stuff

Below is a little video of Sadie at the town "safe trick-or-treating" outing. The downtown businesses were giving out the goodies. It was about 44 degrees and windy, so we just made one round trip, got the loot, and got on home. Sadie's little hands got cold. LOTS of kids from around Basking Ridge were out in their Halloween garb. Sadie was a lady bug and Emma was a good witch. Sadie did a great job of saying thank you, and of fighting her way through the crowds of kids. She kept asking, "Is this chocolate?' when she looked into the baskets of goodies being offered.

Full circle

This morning when I was forced to leave the warmth and comfort of Sadie's bed for the forth time in the previous eight hours I looked out the window of Emma's room to discover a sugar coated-roof, just like the witches house in Hansel and Gretel! Well, actually it was frost. And from the sound of this comment it is bit unusual for this time of the year. We are getting our Thanksgiving weather a month early I guess.

I was in Sadie's bed because after one of my trips into feed Emma she ended up on my side of the bed and I was not up for the sardine effect last night.

Hansel and Gretel

There was a period of time when Hansel and Gretel had to be read at every nap/bedtime. It lasted a month or so. Having said this, today I discover breadcrust crumbs stuffed into a sock in Sadie's bed. Was she thinking that I was going to lead her down a foresty path and leave her in the woods? You know that story is really not a story for children. When the witch says that she is going to eat the children, Sadie just stares at her with a look of total disbelief. Well, it has lost its number one status in the rotation so I guess she is over her fascination with the witch and her candy house. Grim's Fairy Tales some how became stories for children but I don't think that was their original intention.

Weather records

There have been so many records set since we moved here. Most recently, we had the driest August and September on record which put the state on the cusp of a drought. Then we recently had eight days of rain with inches of rain each day and now we are out of the drought and we have huge amounts of rain expected this week, first from a noreaster headed here from the Ohio Valley followed by the remnants of Hurricane Wilma.

In other news, Emma reached a very important milestone...


Sadie found a dead cricket on the path to the front door so of course she had to pick it up and find a good spot for it to lay until it's mother found it. She said, "he was up in the tree and then he fell up in the air and landed on his back and now he is hurt and needs some medicine. He needs his mother, where is his mother?" I try to just get her to put him down on the porch so his mother can come and get him but she does not think that is a good idea, he needs to come inside and get bandaid for his back, because he fell and hurt it. Well, his mother will come and do that for him, just leave him on the porch, please! Our differing opinions on what the fate of the cricket should be, lead to a bit of a stomp fest. Poor cricket, stuck in the middle of it all. All he wanted was his "mudder".

At the playground on Monday, Sadie is riding some bouncy thing when she spies a beetle about three yards off crawling thru the mulch. She jumps off the spring horsey, an…

Here we are in laundry land!

You know what is really fun? Having one child wetting her bed regularly and one child starting solids because you get mountains of laundry accumulating on an hourly basis. Did I mention we are invested in Proctor&Gamble? Not really, I just hope our washer holds up!
And what is the deal with everything that is interesting to a six month old is sharp, small or yucky? Emma thought the paper that covers the exam table at the doctor's was the greatest thing ever invented. She ripped a big piece off and was waving it over her head. I think the crinklyness of it was most fascinating. I did not come into the office with a supply of books, toys or the like unfortunately, but the one thing I did have for Emma to chew was just not as fun as any of the miscellaneous items hanging from the walls or tables. Then there was Sadie asking every two seconds where Dr Kohn was. And of course we had a bit of a wait before the doctor came in to see us. But everything turned out okay in the en…

Quote of the Week

After driving home from school on Thursday, Sadie says,"Mama, where is God?"
At this moment the world starts spinning through my mind wondering how in the world to explain this. Obviously they had been talking about it at school that day. So I say, "Well, God is in heaven. He is everywhere, in your heart, in the sky, in the trees, in the rain." And leave it up to Sadie to take it to the next level, she says " But I can't see God." Ah, help me out here.
"Yeah, we can't see him, he is just there." After that her interest seemed to be satiated. You could hear and see the wheels turning at break neck pace.

Nathan's Monthly Post: The sun came out today

Sadie making "rain soup"

We decided that I (husband, daddy, raconteur) should contribute more often to the blog here, so I will be posting once a month (or so). If any readers disapprove, please address all complaints to Sara (wife, mama, super-woman).

After many days of steady rain, wind, clouds and general autumn gloom, today the clouds were blown away and the sun shone bright...just in time for the annual Galloping Hill Road block party. It was 70 degrees or so, and we spent a couple hours mingling with some neighbors and lots of kids. We met two Emmas (one 2 1/2, the other 4), but no other Sadies, Nates or Saras. We engaged in much predictable small talk about San Diego weather versus New Jersey weather, and the scariest tale we heard was of a 26-inch snow storm that occurred in 2000. We actually had met some of the people already, due to Sara and the girls' frequent walks around the neighborhood. On my doubled-up paper plates I had the following: hot dog (and bun), ch…

And then there was snow....

The snow came down and down and down. Only a couple days after the horse picture the Colorado folks received 18 inches of snow! That's Becka on the tractor plowing the road with the valley behind her. For some reason whenever there is a huge storm all the men are out of town! They were out of water and power for 31 hours but everyone is okay.

Happy Horses

There are two new faces out at the Heckman/Lipka compound. I am guessing Harold never thought he would see a picture of himself leading horses on the property but the day has come! Luci and Nate are surely in cowgirl/boy heaven these days. We can't wait to meet the horses on our visit over Christmas and maybe even go for a ride.

Hello from Emma

New tooth!


The leaves are finally changing and falling. We have been busy with Papa and Nana's visit. Yesterday we all went for a walk around the neighborhood and found so many pretty leaves. Thursday Sadie went back to school after missing a week and a half just in time to see the chicks that were hatched in the classroom during her absence. Papa and Nana went into the city that day to see the sights. Friday we went to the town of Chester and did some shopping and had lunch. There were some great antique stores and other fun stuff. It was raining the whole time but it was quite warm because of the tropical storm that brought all the rain. Saturday it poured all day and then turned cold at the end of the day. Nathan and I went out for dinner and a movie while P&N were watching the girls.
Emma has another new tooth and a funny new smile.

Here we are

Sadie in her rocking chair...

Everyone making muffins...

Daddy's girls...

Emma says Hello...

Welcome Larissa Cleridy!

Meet Sadie and Emma's newest cousin. She is a sweetie! Congratulations Jenny and Will!