Quote of the Week

After driving home from school on Thursday, Sadie says,"Mama, where is God?"
At this moment the world starts spinning through my mind wondering how in the world to explain this. Obviously they had been talking about it at school that day. So I say, "Well, God is in heaven. He is everywhere, in your heart, in the sky, in the trees, in the rain." And leave it up to Sadie to take it to the next level, she says " But I can't see God." Ah, help me out here.
"Yeah, we can't see him, he is just there." After that her interest seemed to be satiated. You could hear and see the wheels turning at break neck pace.


Alisha said…
My mom was praying with Jared one night while she was visiting and Jared asked, "How can God hear us?" Boy! How do you explain God to a kid? It's nice that they don't ask TOO many questions. God allows them to be satified with just simple answers! Good thing for us!
Papa said…
Theology for Three-year-olds. Veggie Tales ?
Papa said…
Got Sadie a book by Max Lucado, that looked like it might help with Sadie's inquisitive mind on this subject. Got Emma a three- book series on baby SD Zoo animals. Will send them along via mail of some sort.

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