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Updates and such

Remember in writing class when you had to make those outlines, with all the a,bc's and 1,2,3's, Roman numerals and all that stuff. I was thinking that is what I need here, which would be the only time ever outside of school that I ever thought of using that skill which drove me up the wall back in the school days.
So anyway, I will proceed without the assistance of the outline. One Tues, Sadie had a "feast"at school consisting of chicken nuggets and smiley fried potatoes. They learned about giving thanks and the Pilgrims and all everyone left class topped with their own rendition of a Native American feather hat, for lack of a better or more appropriate term.
For Thanksgiving, we had my mom and Sonja out here to visit. They flew in on Thursday so I planned the feast for Friday so I could have some help with the ol' bird and everything else. We brined the turkey and it turned out really yummy. So now with my second attempt at roasting a turkey under my belt I …

My sweet little contrarian

Today we were at Down Cellar dropping off three dolls for consignment. There was a pile of buttons on one of the tables and Sadie asked if she could pick out one to take home, so I agreed. This is the button she picked. Up until today, I did not think she could read...

I'm the boss!

For the first time...

On Friday we went to the mall for a picture with Santa. We have never up until this day had "professional" posed pictures taken of Sadie, well that is not exactly true. She had school pictures on Thursday. It turned out quite good. The "professional" assistant was trying, for whatever reason I don't really know, to get Sadie and Emma to smile at the camera before the shutter went click. But I was like" just take some pictures before Emma realizes that she is sitting on the lap of a big, bearded man she has never seen in her life." She cries when the man stocking the milk smiles at her! After looking over her shoulder for the second time, she slowly turned her head back toward us, turning bright red, mouth wide open with no sound and then wailing as loud as possible. The jolly assistant continued to shake and squeak miscellaneous items to try to get her to smile but there was no way Emma was going to be persuaded to smile. Sadie told Santa that she wan…

Sadie says...

When it's winter, the spider puts its fur on so it is not cold. It puts its fur on out of the drawer. Spiders like fur.
I found this post hiding in the drafts file. I was going to delete it but I think I will publish to remind myself of where I was that year. We are overly sensitive creatures, us mothers.

Last time I was at the thirft store there was an older woman, maybe in her fifties or so, and she asked me about the Baby Bjorn I was wearing, how I liked it, etc. Her daughter was pregnant and she wanted one for her baby. I gave my opinion and she says" Everyone wears their babies facing out these days. My daughter always wanted to face toward my breast as she was always wanting to nurse. But with my son, I had to give him a bottle because he was always distracted and turning away. He would never eat." All this without any solicitation. But I am really done with the stories about how babies had to go onto a bottle at three...or whatever months for whatever reason or the other. Basically it comes down to the mother just deciding that the baby is ready for a bottle because the mother is don…

Things no one tells you about having kids...

Showers get moved from mandatory to optional on a daily basis.

All toys that you pay money for will only be entertaining for the day of purchase, but phones, remotes, cords, and anything else you don't want in their mouths will be an endless source of entertainment.

If you put on nice clothes that you would not mind leaving the house in, some little one will spill something on them before you leave the house.

You will say no more times in one day than you thought you were capable.

Once they reach the age of three, you will be bombarded with questions, a. you never thought needed answering, b. you already answered three times in the last two minutes, and c. you have no clue of how to answer.

There will be cheerieos everywhere, I mean everywhere.

There are probably fifty more I could add to the list, more to come.

Baby Face


Big Brown Eyes


Blogger, yuck yuck

Okay there are some "problems" with my other blog so I am posting my yarn that I found in Princeton here. The store, Pins and Needles, had a great sale section and I just could not help myself. I bought a ton. There was lots of cotton and cotton blends on sale including Rowan and Debbie Bliss, my two favorites.

That was my birthday outing of choice. We both enjoyed the day and Emma was along for the ride with out too many complaints. She likes yarn too.

Two pumpkins I found...


Some weeks never end...

This was a long week here at the homestead. Nathan has been immersed in a proliferation of projects. Erb told him a couple weeks back that adato is now his life and this it has become. So we had dinners without Daddy most of the week. Well, me expound on the details of this lovely week that I am most pleased has ended. Last Saturday Sadie came down with a cold, by Monday Emma had also erupted into a snotty mess. And so we have learned, the child does not sleep in her bed if she can not breath thru her nose. So I bunked down with her Monday thru Thursday in the office/guest room/craft/whatever maybe come room. But she was asleep before ten any of those nights. Meanwhile, Sadie missed school Tuesday and then school was closed Thursday. Basically we were spending the days watching shows and playing on the computer, eating, sleeping a bit, and trying to recover from the bout of colds. All the while, missing out on having Daddy around. I probably saw Nathan for about an hour a day. I was …

Fall movies for your viewing pleasure

Emma and Sadie sat in a pile of leaves but Emma was not too keen on the idea.

The sun on the backs of the new fallen leaves gave the lustre of red, orange, yellow and gold, when, what to my wondering should appear, but an old Jack-o-lantern and a hungry, brown deer.
(Turn up the sound for this one!)

I changed it!

Yes this is our site. I am changing it a bit. Trying to put a little something different down. I still have a bit of work until I am happy with it. I know it is a bit boring, but the green dots were making me a bit green, if you know what I mean. And the title was just so ..., well we just plopped it in the bar when prompted at the very beginning of the creation of this blog. I need to put up some pictures to bring a bit more life into the screen , soon, soon.

Do buzzards fly south for the winter?

Sometimes when you are at a playground where small children are frolicking about, none of which weigh more than thirty-five pounds, and you notice a flock of buzzard type birds decending on the park you may start to think to yourself, "Self, why is there a flock of buzzards landing in the park? Are these birds, with four foot wing spans, just landing to rest their wings, maybe to take a smoke break? Do they only eat things that are not moving?"

I guess prospects where not too good in the eyes of a buzzard and off they flew, but not before black and white flashes of Hitchcock-esque scenes raced through my mind.
A list of things that are no fun...

I am really tired of wet beds in the morning, especially when the list includes my own.

The spiders here can be really huge, like you might mistake it for a mouse running across the floor. (They are hairy and brown, too.)

The phone call that enivitably follows a few hours after the one I just ended to inform me that the husband will in fact be later than the time he previously stated he would be no later than.

The after school time-to-leave-the-playground battle.

The I-don't-need-to-go-potty battle.

The stockingette stitch when you have to do it 192 times per row for nine inches.

When you have to say "no more candy" one million times per day.(or cookies, or dessert, or anything else that might resemble a sweet, sugary item)

Trying to get Emma back into a diaper after the removal of the yucky. Did I mention that the kid does not sit still?

My dry, crackly hands snagging on everything.

Now for some more uplifting imagery...