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To the West...

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We are off on our Christmas adventure, traveling west for the first time. I may try to post some adventures but if you don't hear anything, I catch you up in about two weeks time. Happy Holidays to all.
Alas, the last mighty soldier has fallen to the ear infectionyuhnnnnnnnnnnnnnjhkl;. nm,kl;;;;;;;;;./,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l. That is Emma's commentary.

Ear Infections all around

So some how we all have ear infections save Emma. Let me tell you that now I know why babies cry constantly when they have them, because they really hurt! Please, can we just get better and have a merry christmas without any virius or bacteria setting up house.

More medicine

Yesterday my dad had his hip replaced. The surgery went as close to perfect as the doctor could have expected. I called this morning and he seemed to be doing well and in good spirits after a bit of a rough night and early morning. He was wanting to have some breakfast so he could have some Starbucks if Debi brought him some during her visit today to give some indication of how he was feeling.
We have all been battling a nasty snotty virus around here, and of course Sadie is having the worst bout of it. She has had fever off and on the highest being 104 which freaked me out. I was on the phone to the doctor right away and he assured me that this was okay and normal for child with a cold. We managed to get it to drop quickly but it has been yo-yoing all week and went back up to 103 tonight. I just feel so bad about all of the stuff she has to go thru with medications and all.

Back to the doctor's office, the women who answer the phone for Sadie's doctor's office are so ru…


It has really cold since it snowed last. Last night the low was predicted to be 6 and yesterday morning when Nathan went to work it was 10!
Everyone is sick here. Isn't that wonderful! Sadie and Emma came down with the same thing pretty much at the same time. And I had it a day later. Now Nathan is coming down with it. He cancelled his trip to Italy, thank you , thank you , thank you. When Emma is sick she requires lots of help staying asleep and comfortable. So that usually means her and me sleeping in the bed downstairs. With everyone in the same state of misery, last night took forever to be over. We all made it to morning. Sadie was in bed with Nathan in our bed which is her usual landing place after waking up in the night. But four in one queen sized bed does not usually bode well for a restful night sleep.
Emma is a crazy little mighty machine. She climbs stairs and anything else that she can pull up on. Luckily she is too short to climb up on most stuff, but she tries even…

Today's Featurettes

We have Snow!

Emma can palm the ball!

In other news: After the first snow, Sadie and I went out to make "snowbells", aka snowballs. She also refers to snowflakes as snowangels.


While Sadie and I were shopping after school one day, she asks,"What are dose, Mama?", pointing to a basket of tangerines. I say, "Those are tangerines, we used to have a tree with those on it and you would go out and pick them and eat them. Do you remember that?"
"No Mama, those are small oranges because that is how God made them."

old plow from next door

Adult Behavior

When I was a kid, we would spend the night at my dad's, I think it was every other Wednesday. In the morning, he would get us up and out the door while we wiped the sleep from our eyes. The truck would be running and the heater blasting when we opened the door. We would slide in and head up over the hill along Coronado Ave. In the middle of the dash board would be a green cup full of hot, black coffee. The steam would form a cloudy circle on the windshield.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed out to the fabric store( where else?) to pick up a few notions for some projects that I really need to finish. But before I could head out the door, I needed a cup of coffee. We had one of those fancy steel hot cups that keeps things warm forever, so I poured the coffee and the milk in the cup and loaded up the car. As I was driving out of the driveway with coffee in hand, I realized I am acting awfully adult at this very moment. I am not really sure why it seemed so shocking or why this is the fir…

Brain Freeze

All of you who have seen the critically acclaimed movie, Dumb and Dumber, this one is for you. You know the scene where the two guys are driving and Jim Carey says, "Do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?", and then he proceeds to produce what maybe the most annoying sound in the world? Well, Emma is really good at making that exact sound. She is not crying or screeching, she is just trying to make sure you know she is present and she is not really that happy. It is just wonderful. For those of you who missed the movie, you might want to watch it, I think it won an academy award or two.

The morning of Thanksgiving I looked out the front window to see the neighbor lady walking out to get the paper at the end of her driveway. Her hair was in big pink rollers and she had her old robe on over her pajamas. I laughed. It was a picture from the Sunday comics for sure.

I have sunken to new lows. I am letting Emma crawl on the kitchen floor. Okay, so that is not so …

Sadie stages a race


Playing in a sunbeam


Owl at Home

my little helper
There is a book I saved from childhood written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel in which owl sits down in front of a warm fire with a bowl of hot pea soup and warm buttered toast. He hears banging on the front door and comes to find it is winter. He invites it in but winter is not much of a guest and soon has blown out the fire and turned the hot pea soup into hard green ice. Owl asked it to leave before he starts a new fire and warms his soup again.

I think of this story often on cold nights like tonight. And I have taken a liking to warm buttered toast. It does have a way of warming you up along with a hot cup of tea.

Sadie had her first bowl of cranberry juice and snow this week after the first "big" snow of the season. We built a snowman, shoveled the driveway, and threw snowballs before heading inside to warm up. Emma sat like a little hot potato bundled in the stroller and watched all the goings

The first picture is from Monday morning and the second is …

Hot Cocoa for a cold night

For dessert tonight we had hot chocolate with marshmallows and home whipped cream. Sadie stirred the cocoa while I whipped the cream. Emma just watched, wondering when she was going to get a cup. It was a bit of nostalgia for me. The dessert I remember having most often as a kid was popcorn and hot chocolate. My mom usually used the Ibarra bar chocolate, a mexican chocolate that is really sweet with some cinnamon. We would grate it on the cheese grater and add it to the yellow enamel pot with some milk. The popcorn was popped in the "popcorn pan", an old sauce pan that was blacken with oil from many, many batches of stove top popped corn. The popcorn was warm and buttery and went really well with the hot chocolate.

Can you hear the grey hairs popping out of my head?

Here is the look of a sneaky little girl.

She charms you with her sweet smile but she is really out to conquer the world... mountain at a time.

This is the scene(re-enacted without actors)I found when I came back from loading some wash into the dryer.

This is the second time I have found little Miss Emma standing up to one of these chair with a big smile across her face. Do seven month old babies really climb stuff? I have a feeling that she will be walking sooner than I thought. Sadie was not walking until she was almost 13 months, and she never tried to climb things. I think I have a monkey in the making! Emma has begun to crawl as well. She tries the tradition means occasionally but if she really needs to get some where she goes on her elbows and pushes with her toes really fast.