Brain Freeze

All of you who have seen the critically acclaimed movie, Dumb and Dumber, this one is for you. You know the scene where the two guys are driving and Jim Carey says, "Do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?", and then he proceeds to produce what maybe the most annoying sound in the world? Well, Emma is really good at making that exact sound. She is not crying or screeching, she is just trying to make sure you know she is present and she is not really that happy. It is just wonderful. For those of you who missed the movie, you might want to watch it, I think it won an academy award or two.

The morning of Thanksgiving I looked out the front window to see the neighbor lady walking out to get the paper at the end of her driveway. Her hair was in big pink rollers and she had her old robe on over her pajamas. I laughed. It was a picture from the Sunday comics for sure.

I have sunken to new lows. I am letting Emma crawl on the kitchen floor. Okay, so that is not so big of a deal. I was meaning more in a literal sense. She had really grown to dislike the "saucer" which is where she ends up when I am making dinner. The constant annoying sound mentioned above or crying made me give in today to just plopping her on the floor with a basket of tuperware. Actually the kitchen is rather safe as all the appliances that procure heat are above her reach, but there is a tall set of stairs on one end that Sadie and I have already christened with our blood and tears, I would really like to spare everyone else the trip down.

All day I have these marvelous ideas of what to write in this thing but once I sit down to do, all those ideas have vanished from any part of my brain that I am capable of accessing!

Did I mention that Emma has a new tooth?


Papa said…
Letting Emma search out the edges of the stairs, while she's crawling, may be help her learning curve when it comes to walking on the stairs. I remember you and Sonja learning that way about the one step-down from the dining room to the living room at the Guizot St. house. Your everyday recounts are a diversion from my everyday- Thanks, Dad.
Alisha said…
DAVIN MAKES THAT NOISE!!! Jared was such a quiet baby. Davin is the most extreme opposite. Another new noise he makes: teapot. If you were in a room with him and a hot teapot, you couldn't be sure which was making the noise. Let me tell you what a joy that noise is! And how is it that the baby noise travels so well? I can be downstairs and hear Davin screeching from his room upstairs on the other side of the house.

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