More medicine

Yesterday my dad had his hip replaced. The surgery went as close to perfect as the doctor could have expected. I called this morning and he seemed to be doing well and in good spirits after a bit of a rough night and early morning. He was wanting to have some breakfast so he could have some Starbucks if Debi brought him some during her visit today to give some indication of how he was feeling.
We have all been battling a nasty snotty virus around here, and of course Sadie is having the worst bout of it. She has had fever off and on the highest being 104 which freaked me out. I was on the phone to the doctor right away and he assured me that this was okay and normal for child with a cold. We managed to get it to drop quickly but it has been yo-yoing all week and went back up to 103 tonight. I just feel so bad about all of the stuff she has to go thru with medications and all.

Back to the doctor's office, the women who answer the phone for Sadie's doctor's office are so rude! I called on Thurs night at 5pm about Sadie's fever and the woman sounded like I was asking way too much to talk to the doctor about it all. Maybe it is just the rude east coast/New York thing with her but of all doctors you would think that someone working in a pediatric office would be the most compassionate. I was not asking her to remove one of her limbs for me. I must admit that I have some kind of a phobia of doctors and since becoming pregnant with Sadie I have had to overcome that in many ways. I think I have made a lot of progress but it is these types of instances that do not encourage me, It just makes me think,"If you don't like your job that much, find some thing else." Whatever.

Emma is eight months now! I can't believe it. I still think of her as a tiny baby. Well, she is pretty tiny. Her little fuzzy head was making me laugh tonight when I was waiting for her to settle down. There is something so cute about messy baby hair, sticking out in every direction. I have made a observation this past week. Something funny happens when you have a fever, your hair looks like it was rearranged and put on backward or something. Sadie's hair is so funny right now.

I am sort of babbling in this post. My nerves are shot, I am so tired of everyone being sick. I really just want Sadie to be better and everything back to normal. I have been spending so much time taking care of Emma I realize that I don't really know all that has been going on with Sadie. Nathan has been caring for her for the most part. This lead up to Christmas has been totally wacked out. I have found myself missing my childhood traditions again, longing for the opportunity for creating those with Sadie and Emma in our own home. I have been totally stressed about shopping and shipping for everyone everywhere, making sure that everything arrives in time. It has hit me again that when we moved so much changed. It seems to come in waves. I have never lived outside of San Diego until this past year, and there are so many things that are different now that we are not within driving distance of any family that we grew up with. Or I guess that I grew up with. I have had most all of my family with in eight hours of my home, the majority within an hour. I am really missing San Diego these days, these cold, cold days.


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