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Humble pie

I made pie last night. Apple pie. How does a little flour, butter, water and fruit make such a wonderful treat? I have found out the wonderfulness of using the food processor for working in the butter, and after this last pie I will never go back to the pastry blender. Well, unless for some reason pie is absolutely necessary and there is no electricity to be found. The flakiness was scrumptious and the apples, sweet and juicy.

When I was a youngin, my mom was the pie lady around the holidays. She baked lots of pies, for the neighbors and for the family get togethers. I remember her rolling out all the dough for all the pies. There was usually apple, pumpkin and mince meat. Nothing fancy, no lattice, no sugary top. Just dough and filling. Anyway, I loved those pies. For birthdays, we would have lemon meringue or lemon cream pie sometimes instead of cake. Last night I realized that it is one of the easiest things to make, but it is really hard to find a good piece of pie from any ty…

news and views

Tonight at bed time Sadie needed some "snuggle" time. We laid in her bed and talked about whatever came to mind for awhile. She said, "Mama your teeth are REALLY big." So I told her about how we have small teeth when we are small and then when we get bigger we get new, bigger teeth.
She started to well up and said, "They are all going to fall out down my throat? I had a bad dream last night and the person's teeth all feel down their throat and their hand was all bent up like this," making a claw shaped hand bent backward.
In my head I was like great what have I done now. But after some more reassuring that her teeth would not fall down her throat and the person was not real, just a bad dream, and a long hug she was a little more ok with the idea of teeth coming out. Especially after she heard that we put them under our pillow and the tooth fairy brings a surprise.

On Monday Nathan and Sadie went out for a sandwich and they were sitting at the window eat…

Warm weather, lets go out!

Posing for the camera.

"Sadie has a treat, I should go find something for me."

"Mmmmm, nothing like a good stick."
A game of chase
"I gotcha Emma."

Show me how the piggies eat

This easier than using her fingers I guess.

Emma snacks


New Car, new clothes, same ol' goofballs


...and back again.

We made it. Our first long trip using planes, trains and automobiles(and even a bus). Generally every thing went really well in the to-ing and fro-ing. I am not too sure that we will combine visiting more than one state at a time if it involves extra planes rides but all in all we made it safe and sound.
Some highlights of the trip:

1. Arriving at the gate for our flight out of Newark about fifteen minutes before departure, the gate keeper, for lack of a better name, informs us that they have been looking for us because we only have one seat. It was all cleared up in a matter of minutes and all those Continental employees were still smiling.

2.Horseback riding at the Heckman/Lipka Ranch. Sadie rode all three horses including wiley Goliath the miniature horse.

3. Christmas Eve dinner at the Lipka's.

4. Nathan and I managed to get out for dinner together even though Emma did not think it was such a great idea.

5. We all went ice skating in Cherry Creek. It was Nathan and Sadie's first…