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Tonight at bed time Sadie needed some "snuggle" time. We laid in her bed and talked about whatever came to mind for awhile. She said, "Mama your teeth are REALLY big." So I told her about how we have small teeth when we are small and then when we get bigger we get new, bigger teeth.
She started to well up and said, "They are all going to fall out down my throat? I had a bad dream last night and the person's teeth all feel down their throat and their hand was all bent up like this," making a claw shaped hand bent backward.
In my head I was like great what have I done now. But after some more reassuring that her teeth would not fall down her throat and the person was not real, just a bad dream, and a long hug she was a little more ok with the idea of teeth coming out. Especially after she heard that we put them under our pillow and the tooth fairy brings a surprise.

On Monday Nathan and Sadie went out for a sandwich and they were sitting at the window eating their lunch. Nathan asked Sadie what she was watching. She replied," The world. I'm watching my whole world."

Tomorrow is pajama day at school. The kids get to wear their pajamas and they are having pancakes for a snack. Sadie is quite excited.


Anonymous said…
Hey it's me annonymous auntie sonja. Wow! what an imagination she has. Sadie is the next presidant of the US, or maybe the Nobel Peace Prize winner. The Pre-school Dali lama-Picasso? What does the future hold?
Anonymous said…
Maybe I should have spell checked that message.
1000hats said…
Nay, spell check is for wimps.

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