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Little engine that could


Push car

Two bosses.
These are from today, our first warm day of spring. It was beautiful. Blue sky, a few puffy clouds and a gentle breeze.
I love this one.
Look at those skinny legs!

Caption contest

You make up the caption and post it in comments!

Emma likes to push cars.




Our shadows


Whirly Bird

This is Emma's contemplation pose. Whenever she is just watching what is going on, this is how she sits!

Training for the Circus


I like bikes


One heck of a load!


The All-time Greatest Brownies

Dig in! ...................................Yum! ....................... Um, where's mine.

One more...

You asked if a picture of San Diego's snowy mountains that Nana sent us "was in our land." And you go around singing and acting all the parts and scenes from the Wizard of Oz. You think the Lollipop guild boys are really funny.

Why I love you, Sadie.

You sing where ever you go. Most recently you were singing, " Jesus, Jesus. Jesus in the morning, Jesus in the noontime. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus when the sun goes down," while we were grocery shopping. And your singing is almost never under your breath. It is lungs-full all out singing.

When I am laughing, you start laughing. You ask what I am laughing at and then you keep on laughing. We can make each other crack up just by laughing with each other. Your giggle is contagious.

You are very into the details. Everything must be just so especially when you are drawing or writing. You tell one how to descend the stairs, insisting on using the handrail. You need to put on your socks before your shoes. You must have all the wrinkles out of the blankets. You can fluff and refluff your covers dozens of times when you are sitting down to watch a show. You don't like getting anything messy. There is one exception, dessert. It can get all over the place. Oh, and muffins. I am not sure y…

Snow Castles

Today we made snow castles. Our sand was a frozen block of ice but the snow was perfect for packing.

Icy Morning

This is a typical day here in NJ during the winter. It looks beautiful but it is FREEZING. We had an icy, windy rain storm that made everything coated in ice.

Swim lesson

Last Wednesday, Sadie had her first swim lesson and she loved every minute. She splashed and jumped, kicked and floated around the end of the pool. Her teacher helped her with every step and there was not a moment that Sadie let go of her while she was having a turn with each new lesson. There are five kids total in Sadie's class and I think Sadie had to have been the most animated with the higest jumps into the pool. She is excited about her next lesson this week and today as we drove past the Y, she said "Look, Mama, there is the place where I had my swim lesson."

Preschool day at Church

Sunday was preschool day at the Lutheran Church where Sadie attends. We all went for the service which promised singing from all the kids at the end. We missed the Christmas show because of all of us being sick, so we HAD to go to this one. There were two other girls from her class there and Sadie went and stood next to one of them. They both sang and did the …

She walks!

I think now we have to say Emma is really walking. She gets up with help of whatever is around be it person or object and tries to make her little legs go. Great job, Emma!

Dearest Emma,

Everyday you are growing some more; learning, discovering, and accomplishing the smallest things and they add up so quickly. Recently you started eating more and more table food and you are now an accomplished chewer! No longer will you tolerate just little bits of food, you want chunks and globs or just the whole banana.

Today at the library, I held you by one hand and you walked with me into the children's section just like we had always done this. You started taking multiples of steps with a bit of encouragement and open arms to catch you as you lunge forward. You even said bye to the librarians when they said bye to us all on the way out.
You say hat and hair and repeat some words I say to you. I am probably the only one who notices or understands what you are saying, but I hear you!

You love wearing shoes especially the tennis shoes that were Sadie's first pair of walking shoes. You smile every time I put them on and tap them on the floor to show your excitement. Socks are …

More to say...

I had written down some little bits about what had recently transpired a couple weeks ago in order to remember them when it came time to post. But I forgot to post these!


Emma had her first "crying for Daddy" a couple of weeks ago. Nathan had come home late from work and we girls had already had our dinner when he came in. After a quick hello, Nathan ran off to play with Sadie. When he handed her back to me, she started crying and she would not stop until he came back and held her again. So sweet.


One warm day, Sadie and I built a big snowman while Emma was napping. After she awoke, Emma looked out the window and noticed it. She looked back at me, wondering what it was. I told her that we built a snowman and Emma just stared at it for the longest time. It kept catching her eye each time she looked back toward the window through out the day.

So many things to say

We have not been busy with much around here but there are so many things that I have meant to post but it always seems that I don't have the time, energy or brains to think it out and write it down.
This weekend we have Grandpa and Grandma coming to see us on their way up to Great Grandma Benson's. I told Sadie today that they were coming and she said," and it is going to be Emma's birthday!?" No, it is not but this visit is a bit last minute and we have been saying since Christmas that everyone is coming out for Emma's birthday so I guess that is what she thought it should be. Also at lunch she went on a bit of a babble about how she loves birthdays and she loves chocolate cake and Daddy loves cake and birthdays, and everyone loves birthdays, right? It seems most everything she says ends with RIGHT and a question mark.
Today we went out to the park and one of Sadie's friends from school and her little sister were there so she ran and ran and ran and ran fo…
"Daddy, I love you but I also love more boys than I love girls. I really love myself."

Sadie has a new cd; They might be giants, NO! On this cd there is a song called Where do they make balloons? So now that you have some background info, the other afternoon Sadie was going potty and I was in the office on the computer. After a few minutes of silence, I hear the following singing:
"Where, where do they make chicken?" So I start laughing and she starts giggling and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sadie has been watching The Wizard Of Oz and she is totally entralled by all the characters. I think the funniest thing is the lines she quotes. Tonight she came out with, "Well, as a Christian woman I can't say!" This was Aunt Em's line after telling Ms. Glutch that she has wanted to tell her what she thinks of her all her life, well...

Emma has been testing her walking skills and added a couple more steps to each toddle. She also has decided that she should bi…

Fill'r up with chicken soup

I made a pot of chicken soup on Monday night and Sadie and Emma have been eating it for lunch every day since. I think they could eat it forever and not tire of it. Sadie likes it with rice and no carrots. Emma really likes the carrots, chicken and broth. I think I might have to make it every week for the rest of the winter. It is the easiest meal for sure.

Emma had been walking a few steps with encouragement and open arms to catch her.