Swim lesson

Last Wednesday, Sadie had her first swim lesson and she loved every minute. She splashed and jumped, kicked and floated around the end of the pool. Her teacher helped her with every step and there was not a moment that Sadie let go of her while she was having a turn with each new lesson. There are five kids total in Sadie's class and I think Sadie had to have been the most animated with the higest jumps into the pool. She is excited about her next lesson this week and today as we drove past the Y, she said "Look, Mama, there is the place where I had my swim lesson."

Preschool day at Church

Sunday was preschool day at the Lutheran Church where Sadie attends. We all went for the service which promised singing from all the kids at the end. We missed the Christmas show because of all of us being sick, so we HAD to go to this one. There were two other girls from her class there and Sadie went and stood next to one of them. They both sang and did the hand motions toward each other. It was quite cute.

Play date

On Friday we headed down the road to one of Sadie's classmates home for a play date. When we arrived, Sadie was so excited to be at a friend's house. We rang the door bell and A and her mother answered the door. Sadie said, "HI, A!" But A decided that she was not going to talk. Sadie and Emma played in the front room with various toys and A still was not talking. Sadie kept asking her mother why she was not talking. But finally after her brother and sister awoke from their naps and we headed outside, she started to talk and every thing was back to normal. They played on the slide and swings, and drove battery powered Barbie and John Deere jeeps around the yard, crashing into everything in their paths. Sadie was not to great of a driver but since it was her first time I would say she did great. I must admit it was the strangest thing watching two and three year olds driving around. Sadie seemed to have a lead foot and once she drove into the bushes and kept her foot on the gas the whole time, tires spinning and dirt flying while she yelled for someone to help her out of the bushes. A's mother and I were cracking up most of the time.

In other news, I have been trying to post pictures from recently but the blogger system is not working too well today so I will try another day.


Nathan said…
Women drivers!!

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