Why I love you, Sadie.

You sing where ever you go. Most recently you were singing, " Jesus, Jesus. Jesus in the morning, Jesus in the noontime. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus when the sun goes down," while we were grocery shopping. And your singing is almost never under your breath. It is lungs-full all out singing.

When I am laughing, you start laughing. You ask what I am laughing at and then you keep on laughing. We can make each other crack up just by laughing with each other. Your giggle is contagious.

You are very into the details. Everything must be just so especially when you are drawing or writing. You tell one how to descend the stairs, insisting on using the handrail. You need to put on your socks before your shoes. You must have all the wrinkles out of the blankets. You can fluff and refluff your covers dozens of times when you are sitting down to watch a show. You don't like getting anything messy. There is one exception, dessert. It can get all over the place. Oh, and muffins. I am not sure you actually like to eat them, just enjoy breaking them into one billion bits.

You are always really, really excited to see me after school and there has not been a day that you have not asked to go to the playground after class. Also you are always really excited to see Daddy when he comes home and I know he really likes that.

You are obessed with birthdays at the moment. The whole year since Christmas has been measured by whose birthday is next. You are really excited about Emma's one birthday coming up.

You think that every man with dreads working at Whole Foods is Carter, LeRoy, or Boyd from Dave band. You recently asked if Dave liked little kids and if they were allowed to go to the concerts. I said that he does and he has two little girls like you and Emma and you asked if you could go to one of Dave's concerts. You also asked if he has the concerts at his house.

There are so many things about you that make you Sadie and I love them all.


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