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The sweetness that is little girls

new nighties

From the mouth of a three year old

Today while we watched the educational U2 Rattle and Hum DVD Sadie made this comment about BB King:

" He sings in a really (as deep as she can sound)rough voice."

Updates, updates, updates....

It has been awhile since I have actually written a post of some substance. So here is some of the news of recent times.
WE FINISHED THE FLOOR! Thanks in part to the help of all of our guests at Emma's birthday party. Our visitors arrived on Wednesday night and we promptly set them to work. Since we had all the tile glued to the floor all we had left to do was apply the charcoal colored grout and then clean it up.

*** If you are considering grouting, be warned that dark colored grout may present some cleaning concerns.***
This was the basic warning on the tile box I discovered after the grout had been applied and was not coming off of the tiles as it was explained in our instructions. Yes, it proceeded to turn everything black but after three or so scrubbings the following day our tile was finished and looking beautiful. So thank you to all of you who lent a helping hand, which was quickly stained black.

I will post a picture as soon as the base boards are up and the walls painted. (Th…



Garden girls


Fun with DIY projects!

<9am Friday morning
9am Saturday morning.


These are Emma's favorite accessory these days, not the pacifier, the glasses!

In other words...

Lately Sadie has been saying...

"Look, Emma is so skinny and her head is so big!"

"Ahhh, Emma's elbows are so small and cute!"

After she put on two bracelets,"I am so pretty! I am so pretty!"


We are currently suffering from the dishwasher demon again. For some reason, we have trouble with dishwashers. Currently the dishwasher is working fine but for who knows how long it has been leaking and we have just finally realized this problem. So the floor under the washer as well as most of it around it is soaked and needs replacing, of course we have been waiting to put in our new tile and now when we have finally commited to put it down, this comes up. It is not horrible but time comsuming and really really annoying. I have threatened to have our next house without indoor plumbing since that is the thing that always messes stuff up, but I think that is a bit too extreme. Both Nathan and I feel like asking the bulldozer working next door to co…