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Shakespeare for three somethings

We are coming home from a walk and there is a neighbor walking his black lab in front of us. As we get closer he notices us coming up and pulls his dog off the sidewalk so we can pass. The dog pants and lounges toward us as we pass. The neighbor tells his dog to stop. We continue to walk by and the dog continues to do his hyper dog thing, neighbor continues to tell him stop. Once we are past and on our way, Sadie asks why the man was telling his dog to stop and why was she not able to pet the dog. I tell her that the dog was pulling on the leash and he was not supposed to and that this dog probably was not used to kids and might jump up and knock her down. Sadie's response, holding her head and being extra dramatic" OH, No! That would be terrible!! I would not like that!" I laugh, she asks why. We continue on our walk home.

Something I will soon forget even though I tell myself not to.

Tonight we went to Mike's ice cream after dinner. After finishing our …


That was the sound of this week flying by. Let's review:

Monday: Get everyone up and out to take Nathan to the train because my car is still beginning attended to at the dealer. Come home, all of us eat breakfast and the clock is still not to 9:00 yet. (This does not happen often in this house)Get a call from a mom with an invite for meeting at the park and pizza around 1130am. Put off the grocery shopping and get ready for the park. We some how make it to the park and find our friends. We play and climb and do other park stuff. Another school family arrives and after a bit more playing, we head off for a walk to the pizza joint. For you SoCal folk, think taco shop but when you look up at the menu over the counter you see pizza, submarines, calzone, and stromboli. Anyway, we eat and walk back to the park, take a lap around the pond without any children falling in and eventually drive back home where I find a biz card from a local police officer explaining that my wallet has been tu…

Wonderful and other words

Rainy days with sick kids. That is what this week consisted of, not too exciting. Both girls came down with colds over the weekend and Sadie ended up with an ear infection, so no school or swimming this week. We went out for walks a couple of the afternoons to break up the duldrum of being indoors and watching noggin. I think we have used about 1000 kleenex tissues this week as well. Yes, if you think this post is dull so far then you will begin to understand the dullness of our week. Meanwhile, I am totally exhausted, from doing nothing much I guess.

Emma has said Sadie and her own name when looking at pictures. She makes the funniest noise when you ask what a cow says. It is sort of a combination of "brr" and "oooooo". And it is the same sound a dog makes.
Some of you may remember that Emma likes to climb things, so currently she thinks it is really fun to stand on a little foot stool we have in the middle of the tv room. She just stands there and looks around…

More dancing

Check it out:

Little feet


Snuggle bug


more bugs!


Weeeee! Flintstone style.




Emma in a vintage find.


Thanks for the visit.

Below are some pics from our visit with Annie and Robbie over this past week. We really enjoyed having them here!
In the meadow
Sadie in her house
Emma fixing her bunk in the replica soldier cabin.
Sadie catching a ride up hill.
Seeing some history, we were at the Wick house, a property where 10000 troops camped thru the winter of 1776.
slide static
Swinging at the park
Robbie and Sadie talking about all the animals and making all their various noises.
Currently, at this very moment, Sadie and Robbie are singing together while Sadie strums the guitar. The songs coming from them are quite funny. I wish I could record and play some on here but that would require me moving and trying to find the video camera and then figuring out how to edit them down and that whole thought is keeping me from it all. Sorry. Some of the subjects of the songs are:
seagulls, a man named Murray and a girl named Marie, hippotamisses and hippotamisters, how you get to new york city...
It is quite hilarious.

new tub toys that are most hilarious if stuck in their mouths


munching on cheetoes


Emma not too sure that she wants the caterpiller on her toy.


Sadie and the caterpiller


Time for palabra jot

I have not written a post with more than two sentences in quite some time so I am sorry to those of you who tend to click over here once (or more!) a day. Anywho...I feel like nothing has been happening that is anything monumental but I guess this is just a list of everyday things that may or may not interest most of the reading audience. Blah, blah blah. Let me think for a moment...

We have some peas and carrots giving their all to sprout and do what carrots and peas do. They are succeeding as far as I can tell. The peas all of the sudden sprouted and put out some leaves already, I can't wait for those little tendrils to start reaching for the sky. A few of the carrots have sprouted their first real leaves and I hope they keep going. I have all sorts of seeds that we have picked out whenever we are out and see a seed stand so I really need to get this raised bed raised. Sadie asks regularly when we can plant the pumpkin seeds and I have to tell her not until we have the garden rea…