Wonderful and other words

Rainy days with sick kids. That is what this week consisted of, not too exciting. Both girls came down with colds over the weekend and Sadie ended up with an ear infection, so no school or swimming this week. We went out for walks a couple of the afternoons to break up the duldrum of being indoors and watching noggin. I think we have used about 1000 kleenex tissues this week as well. Yes, if you think this post is dull so far then you will begin to understand the dullness of our week. Meanwhile, I am totally exhausted, from doing nothing much I guess.

Emma has said Sadie and her own name when looking at pictures. She makes the funniest noise when you ask what a cow says. It is sort of a combination of "brr" and "oooooo". And it is the same sound a dog makes.
Some of you may remember that Emma likes to climb things, so currently she thinks it is really fun to stand on a little foot stool we have in the middle of the tv room. She just stands there and looks around, seeming quite proud of herself.

There has been a bunny visiting our garden lately, mostly eating the grass and weeds in the lawn, but the other day we spied her out the kitchen window digging up the grass. At first I thought she was digging a burrow and then maybe a nest and then we just could not figure out what she was up to. She ended up hopping off the another spot in the grass to nibble and went on her merry way. So now we have a nice large hole in the lawn thanks to a little bunny.

"Wonderful", "lovely","actually", Sadie has been putting together new words and phrases that are really quite funny coming from an almost four year old mouth. She can be quite entertaining with the things she says although I must say that it seems to be a constant stream with an unending flow of babble at times and I find myself wishing that she could keep some of it inside. Most of what she has to say begins with "Mama" and she will not continue without an acknowledgement of her needing to tell me something. She will continue to say "mama" over and over until I say "what sadie" and then she begins into her explaination or an extremely complicated barage of questions. The four year old brain has learned to express all the thoughts that float around in that mind and I think there may not be an end in sight.

We planted some sunflowers over the weekend and the seeds cannot sprout fast enough for Sadie. She asked many times that same day to see if they were growing yet. On the other hand our peas are quite tall already and I hope the flowers will start soon. I know the promise of peas will be exciting for our little horticulturalist. She has been finding seeds everywhere and asking if we can plant them in our "yet to be raised" bed. We were at dinner and she saved a lemon seed from my water, tonight she found a raspberry seed in her frozen yogurt popcicle, but how do you explain that neither of these things generally are grown from seeds and they most likely won't sprout?

Last Thurday we found a caterpillar and Sadie took it into class to show everyone because they were learning about caterpillars and butterflies. When we picked it up to take home it had started to spin some silk for its cocoon. But of course Sadie took the lid off of the jar that was holding it and began to poke it. She put the lid back on after a brief explanation about why we needed to leave Mr Caterpillar alone so he could build his cocoon. And now he has been wrapped up in his comfy little wrap for a week now. We are waiting and hoping to see him emerge as a beautiful butterfly so we can let him go to find a nice flower to drink from.


Papa said…
Any developments on the bug scene? Butterfly or Moth?

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