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The dust is settling...

This past weekend we celebrated Sadie's birthday a month early so all the family could be here. It turned out to be a great party even with lots of rain and warm weather. Sadie got her chocolate cake with pink frosting as ordered back in April and a few friends and their families came to sing her into her fourth year. According to Sadie her favorite part was the punch balls that Grandpa blew up for all the kids to enjoy. That was $1.99 well spent.

We have been busy doing nothing much except visiting with family. Our newish mower is not working so our grass is growing and growing with all the rain we have had this past few weeks. It seems we can't go twenty four hours without some sort of a little down pour or a whole day of down pour. I must admit it is better than last summer when we had a record number of days in a row over 90!
We went into Princeton with Grandpa and Grandma, Luci and Grammy for a little walk around. We had some lunch and walked around the shopping district…

I love the sixties!

Today when I went out in my role as the substitute garbage escort, I was greeted with a cool breeze. And after breakfast and baths, we headed out to the grocery and the car thermometer said it was a luxurious sixty eight. By the afternoon, it was warmer but the clear blue skies and a few fluffy clouds were beautiful.

Of course in less than 24 hours it was in the steamy eighties again.

Movies from Memorial Day Weekend

Emma's new word is backpack. Now this may seem like a strange first word, but with the amount of time we spend watching and reading Dora stories, it is fitting. Backpack is Dora's backpack who always has everything she needs for all of her adventures, there is even a song to go along with his appearance on the show.

Caterpillar Update

Our caterpillar emerged from his/her cocoon. It has actually been a week since it happened. Somwhat disappointing though it was a moth rather than a butterfly and I did not take a picture, so you will have to take my word for it.

Moments of a day...

One day while Nathan and I were busy talking in the kitchen about something, who knows, we both looked down and realized that Emma was playing in some bags of stuff I had picked up at Target which included many things the one should not play with, regardless of age. Tilex and razor blades come to mind. Luckily every thing was still in its packaging and I had not picked up a Bag-O-Glass or a Johnny Human Torch costume that included gasoline soaked rags and a book of matches.

Emma said baby! She is starting to repeat words after you say them to her. I thought maybe she would never speak in more than grunts, snorts and yells. But all of the sudden she seems to be progressing.


Sadie passed her first year of school with flying colors. Yeah, Sadie! She is already asking when she gets to go back. And she is not too fond of the idea of it being all done for the summer.

Here is Mother Sadie feeding her baby. She is on a kick right now where she talks about having a brother baby. And she has decided that when she gets older she will have the brother baby. Meanwhile she needs to feed her baby and put him down for a nap. His name is Sarah Boy.

Memorial Day Weekend round up

It was very hot this past week and into this week so we had to bring out the old pool. Yes, I know it is shockingly fabulous, everyone is asking for the designer's name but I am keeping it a secret.
Hot days require a dip in the COLD pool. Emma was shivering but refusing to get out, so I added some hot water. I am not sure one can get hypothermia when it is 85 degrees with 85% humidity but I decided not to experiment this time around.

getting a bird's eye view, here


emma's turn


sliding into the pool


Sadie mothering

We headed out to a neighborhood get together on Sunday and met a few new families. It was a really nice time. Here are some photos from the event.

making friends


Having dinner at the little table.


Sadie and Brandon on the see-saw.

Our neighborhood is actually full of kids Sadie's and Emma's age.

bouncing fun

Emma's off to join the gang.

Sadie taking pictures on some one else's camera, uh oh.


Hey what you lookin at?