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A visit with the dinosaurs

Yesterday we went on an adventure. We headed out to the Great Swamp Refuge, us three girls. After winding through country roads we came across the headquarters for the park and pulled in to get started on our adventure into prehistoric New Jersey. Of course, when I thought of this "brilliant" idea I did not put much thought into it other than we could walk on some trails and see some nature. Well, if you think of swamp what comes to mind, maybe alligators or big mossy trees, but maybe like me the idea that the place would be overrun with mosquitoes did not enter your mind. So we embarked on our journey into the Great Swamp and about thirty paces in the little buggers start ATTACKING! I was not willing to retreat back to the car, but visions of West Nile Virus were haunting me as we walked very quickly along the boardwalk trail above the swampy muck. As long as we were moving, they seemed to stay off of me. Every time we did stop, a million of them hopped on for lunch.

The s…

Got your gooseberry

I picked up a pint of gooseberries at Whole Foods last week to give them a try. I have only read about them in British cook books for the most part and probably something here and there in MS Living, and of course Joy of Cooking has some recipes but they also have how to cook opossum, squirrel and raccoon if you need one.
So back to the gooseberries, when I saw them packed in the green paper carton I thought they were so cute with their bright green grape shape and "just plucked goose" looking hairs. I remembered a strawberry/gooseberry recipe in JoC from my search for a strawberry/rhubarb pie. Turns out they are quite tart and I thought they tasted like a kiwi when I tried one. I put them together with the strawberries and baked it up into quite a nice pie. It was along the same lines as a rhubarb pie in taste and could have used a bit more sugar. It was especially tasty with vanilla ice cream, but then again what pie isn't.

This morning I finally baked up the blueberry p…

Volume #4

Getting her toes wet

After a bit of a dip.

Friends on the train home

Waiting for the train in Kingston
World-class bedhead!

Volume #3


Volume # 2

Out on the beach, across the street from our hotel.

Volume #1

Here are our trip photos. Enjoy the scenery!
Waiting for the train.

Sadie swings her feet......view from the train

Emma sleeps...............more views

You know this east coast is really quite amazing. The more we travel around here the more I am intrigued. I loved Rhode Island, well in the summer. It seems that the winters could be a bit on the cold and bitter side. But being back on the coast was quite rejuvenating. There is some thing about the ocean that seems cleansing. The landscape is similar to New Jersey with all the trees and green but everything is shorter. The trees don't seem as tall and not as dense and one of my favorite parts that I saw on our trip was the abundance of small farms and old buildings. It is really a pretty state.

I am constantly in awe of the idea of people coming here 300 or 400 hundred years ago and landing without any knowledge of what awaited them. Here the forests meet the sea and they are dense. I remember something from a book I read for school as some point that the settlers believed that the forest was evil. Imagine the darkness that set in at night, without city lights or street lamps or ev…

Up north

Some how when I think about what I am going to write for the posts all the words flow together and everything sounds so, I don't know, more,no, no. Anyway it sounds less boring than this original opening sentence. " This weekend we rode the train up to Newport, Rhode Island," followed by this:"Nathan had some work to do at a tennis tournament so we went along for the ride."
So anyway Saturday afternoon we hopped on an Amtrak and headed north for our destination mentioned above. First almost got lost a couple times trying to follow mapquest directions ( I mean, who actually is capable of judging distances down to a tenth of a mile while you are trying to read signs that are saying the opposite of the directions which are changing every two tenths of a mile five or six times.) But we were able to tour some more of New Jersey that we would for no other reason get a chance to see, since the neighborhoods we drove through might not be too inviting once …