Got your gooseberry

I picked up a pint of gooseberries at Whole Foods last week to give them a try. I have only read about them in British cook books for the most part and probably something here and there in MS Living, and of course Joy of Cooking has some recipes but they also have how to cook opossum, squirrel and raccoon if you need one.
So back to the gooseberries, when I saw them packed in the green paper carton I thought they were so cute with their bright green grape shape and "just plucked goose" looking hairs. I remembered a strawberry/gooseberry recipe in JoC from my search for a strawberry/rhubarb pie. Turns out they are quite tart and I thought they tasted like a kiwi when I tried one. I put them together with the strawberries and baked it up into quite a nice pie. It was along the same lines as a rhubarb pie in taste and could have used a bit more sugar. It was especially tasty with vanilla ice cream, but then again what pie isn't.

This morning I finally baked up the blueberry pie I have been planning to bake all weekend. It is about the peak of the season out here for NJ blueberries so they are on sale everywhere I go.

Can't wait for a slice of this after dinner.


Papa said…
Y-U-M-M-M !!!!!! Can you send them through the mail???
Anonymous said…
Those look lovely. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE!!! Big Orange

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