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Summer days

Our summer has gone fast and the beginning of school and fall is just around the corner. We have had a couple play dates at the park with friends from school lately which results in a couple of really tired kids making bedtime a much easier endeavor.
The weather has been nice lately with blue skies and a little rain. Not too hot, too humid and cool breezes at night coming through the windows rather than the vents!

Emma's vocabulary is blooming with the addition of new "words" everyday. Pizza, diaper, pig, baby, hat, cow, kitty, more, done, no, mine,apple,. These are the newest and most common. She also has been laughing at everything, especially if you name the thing she is pointing at. She points to her diaper when she is ready for a new one and walks up stairs when you agree to change it.

(A week or so later)Fall is coming quickly. We have had four days of rain and now it is windy and cloudy. We really would like to see the sun again. In the garden, we have picked three s…

Plenty of time for cutting

--Nathan's semi-occasional post--

First, I have to recount a typically great Sadie/Sara question and answer session, before I forget it forever...

Sadie: "Do snails bite, Mama?"
Sara: "No."
Sadie: "What do they do? Do they just make sticky situations on you?"
Sara: silence
Me: tripping over myself as I scramble for a pen to write this one down.


So, I finally feel like a real dad. Thirty-two years old, a father for four years, I've performed all the standard fatherly duties (I've even cut one umbilical chord). But not until the middle of July, 2006 had I finally uttered..."Don't run with scissors!!" Sadie has several activity and craft books that require scissors. We live in what they call a 'split-level' home. The crafting room is either two or three flights of stairs from the bedroom (depending which direction you go), and the supplies are never where the crafter needs do the math. I wanted to explain to he…


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We took a little trip up to visit the Great Grandparents on Monday, stopping first to see Grandpa and Grandma Heckman. We spent the day with them, visited the diner for dinner and returned the next day until lunchtime. For lunch on Tues, we made our way to Grandma Benson's to visit with her and Uncle Doug. Larry and Cathy came over to say hi as well.
For the most part we sat and talked with everyone, took a mini family history tour of area Schoharie with G&G Heckman, cruised through Uncle Doug's gardens and strolled around Esperance. The weather was beautiful as well as the scenery and I dreamed of having a farm house up there for a summer escape. We returned Wednesday to a cooler Jersey, our fire flies are gone but the tree frogs are louder than ever. A cold, quiet snowy night does not seem too far away.
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