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An Afternoon

Sadie shows Emma how to walk up the slide and off they go!

Does anyone else wish this was the view from every Starbucks. This one is in Atlantic City of all places.

I love this smile and the smoothie makes even better.


Ballet class


Cheaper When Not Dead

-- a semi-occasional entry by Nathan --

Ahhh, life in the great Garden State of New Jersey. I must share. There is an actual radio station here (the state's most popular station, as a matter of fact) with an actual promotional announcement that actually states, with much pride and flair from the voice-over guy..."Our OWN station. Not New York. Not Philadelphia. New Jersey's 101.5!" Makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I hear it, so proud am I to have my own radio station. Sorta reminds me, though, of the strategy employed by Avis rental car a few decades ago. They had fought long and hard to be the No. 2 rental car company behind Hertz. And after climbing that far, they figured they didn't have a real chance of being No. 1, so they may as well proclaim, "We're No. 2!" in their advertising. After a while working with the Deuce, they figured out nobody wants to buy (or rent) anything from a No. 2; it just makes them want to find out who ex…

Sadie says...

"Daddy, does God talk to you?"
"Does He speak Spanish or English?"

Sadie:"Mama, what is that village in the sky?"
Me:"What village in the sky?"
S:"The one where Jesus lives."

a song...
"Please Grandfather,
can I have some soup
without rotten chicken.
I don't like it with rotten chicken.
I would really like some good
chicken soup, with good chicken."
There has been another influx of questions about Jesus and God these days. And a lot of songs about Jesus going to China. It seems that everyone is going to China as of late in Sadie's songs. The kitchen has been dubbed China and the dining room is the beach and so there are many travels between China and the beach around dinner time.

First week of school

Sadie returned to school this week for her "number four" class. Last year was number three. She does not know that it is called preschool but I thought after the last few times that people have asked if she was in preschool or kindergarten and she just stared blankly at them that I should explain that she is in fact in preschool. She tells everyone who asks that she will be in Kindergarten when she is five but right now she is only four so she is in her number four class.
Nathan took her to the first day which consisted of spending an hour with a parent in the classroom meeting the teachers and checking out the new things in her new classroom. She came home and almost started crying saying that she missed me which of course threw me for a loop but was very cute and touching. Some days I think she thinks I am the last person she wants to be around, although I am probably the last person any one would want to be around those days. Anyway, she had lots of fun meeting new kid…

Blue Skies

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Last Sunday, when Nathan was out of town and the rain was moving in, we headed out to a nearby farm and picked ourselves 16 pounds of peaches and a quart of raspberries. We got totally drenched and it was really pouring by the time we headed home for some hot chocolate and lunch. After peeling and slicing all the peaches, save a few that needed to ripen, we put six quarts of peaches into the freezer for pies, jam or whatever. Nathan requested cobbler so we had some of that too.
I cooked up a batch of raspberry jam with most of the raspberries.

Today we headed off to the farm again to pick some more goodies. This time the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, the bees were buzzing and the goats were out begging for carrots. We picked a quart of blackberries and a quart of raspberries, a few tomatoes, one eggplant and one bell pepper. Sadie requested a bunch of carrots to feed the goats and calf in the "petting"corral. When Emma decided it was her turn to feed the goat…