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Domestic bliss?

I have been busy these days with a whole lot of nothing. Just that day to day stuff that piles up and needs to be done. You do some and then there is another pile of something else or some of the same.(ie: laundry, dishes, leaves, socks with no matches, etc.)

Tonight Sadie would not come up to dinner after four times of my calling her and when I finally went down to bring her up she went into some explanation of how she was going to come when DADDY came down and told her dinner was ready because that is what they had agreed upon...I have been saying it for awhile, she has been a lawyer since birth. Everything is black and white and if you think different she will find the fine print to prove to you otherwise.
School has been fun for Sadie but the morning schedule has been tough on us all. I try to let her sleep as long as possible but by the time she gets to school she is still half asleep and sort of just wanders around mesmerized by the bright colors and children frolicking here…

Pile o' Leaves

Apologies for not moving on from the topic of leaves--it's all we have. A little bit of fun sibling rivalry on the video link below (still working on the best way to post video).
On our way to the park
Sadie calls these the "Mama and Daddy swings"

Leaves on Steroids

Slacker mother/wife has taken some time off from this blog ("I'll write a post when I have a spare millisecond," she said this evening), so vigilant father/husband is keeping it going here a bit.

We continue to have some really nice Fall weather--October, I've decided, is the best month for weather in New Jersey. April's pretty nice as well. You can play golf in both of these months, and shouldn't have to use either the AC or heater. Okay, maybe a little bit of the flip-a-switch fireplace in October, but definitely no AC in April.

Sadie and Emma and I walked to the park last weekend (photos above), and leaves were everywhere. They've pretty much all given up for 2006, and are just waiting to be blown off their limbs. On a separate walk, Sara found the largest diameter leaf I have ever seen, and the second place leaf doesn't even come within six inches. We should have taken a picture, but for some context, my size 12 shoe fit on this thing with roo…


Originally uploaded by 1000hats. The fall is upon us. The leaves are raining down, mercury has dropped and all is ablaze in orange, yellow and red. Here are some from this week.

(click on the photo)

Pumpkin patch

This weekend we headed over to the pumpkin patch which come to find out is the busiest weekend of the year. There was a hayride out to the picking zone which also gave a tour around some of the farm. The day was beautiful and all our sweaters and jackets were quickly shed and the warm sun enjoyed. Sadie had been looking forward to this for weeks. We explored the patch, finding perfect tall, round, big and small pumpkins. There were entirely too many to choose from but after some exploring we decided on five to bring home with us. We also went raspberry picking, but Emma was too hungry and could not understand why she could not pick and eat at will. We filled our pint basket and headed off to pay and get some lunch at our now traditional pizza joint. By the time we were driving out there was a line of thirty or so cars waiting to come into park at the farm and then once we reached the restaurant there was traffic backed up for miles coming into the area. Boy, were we glad we got …