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Cinnamons rolls and all that is Christmas

Christmas was fun. Santa came and ate cookies and his reindeer ate the carrots Sadie threw around the drive way. She was so excited on Christmas Eve at bedtime, she went squealing up into her room and jumped into bed, asking to skip books so she could get right to sleep. She really did not want him to miss our house because she was awake.
In the morning, I heard her get up and open her door but I thought she went back into her room until I heard her VERY quiet footsteps ascending the stairs and then, "He came, he came!" It was very cute, even at seven in the morning after staying up until 2:30am putting together the wagon and arranging everything under the tree.

Majoring In Cute: Pastor Bob

I still am in awe of my children. I am so very proud of them both every day. On Tuesday Sadie really stumped me for the first time when she asked, "Daddy, what does 'distinctly' mean?" The words I would have to use to explain the word in question would themsleves have to be explained, so I tried to pull together a 'Calvin's Dad' answer. I settled on 'exactly, it means exactly.' It doesn't exactly mean exactly, but she knows what exactly means, so the dad quiz was passed on a technicality.

Sadie's pre-school is at the local Lutheran Church. Monday night the pre-school had their annual Christmas concert for the 4's and 4+'s. Pastor Bob narrated, kids dressed up as either angels, wise men, or sheep. (You will have to watch the video clip below to know which category Sadie was in.) It was a very short and sweet performance. The joint was packed with parents and siblings. Dads lined the sidelines with video cameras.

See video c…

Photo Follow Up


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It's all about the little things

There has been a current of weirdness running through our house as of late. Well, that is not to say that there ever is not, but things seem to have kicked up a notch. Such as:

using rugs in the bedrooms as blankets,

obsessions with Princesses (Snow White, Belle, Ariel) seem to be dominating songs, stories and make believe games,

the need to wear dresses, stockings and sparkley shoes every single day

the need for matching pajamas( any old thing just won't do)

using Emma's room as a "stage" to perform singing and dancing shows or story telling about previously mentioned Princessses

Emma kissing her own owies, independence at it best!

As well as many stories about Princes marrying Princesses. In fact I heard Sadie saying that she would be the princess and Daddy could be the Prince and" they could go wedding".

Emma has been expanding her vocabulary. Here are some recent additions:
do- can mean "do" or "Emma too"
nana- banana
eees- cheese or mac…

Sadie's YMCA Dance Recital

As promised, video of the "show." Gymnasium lighting was not great...

Click here to see video:


Christmas changes when you have kids. Now that Sadie actually understands and can imagine what is going to happen any day now, it is really quite fun around here. The Christmas spirit has bloomed again. Today she wanted to write a note to Santa to tell him what she wanted. I helped her with some of the words and she decided that she wanted a barbie doll (ahh, I guess I should be happy we made it this long without any Barbie requests), a wagon (which I must admit I coached her into a bit after she asked for another new, small, pink bike like her old one that turned out to be a disappointing piece of junk, but she took to the idea right away and was very pleased with the addition), and a tiny baby doll that is "very strong and won't break easily"( unlike a couple I have found that are vintage and fragile). So that was all she needed to make her little heart content. But she really liked the idea of writing to Santa and it was fun to help her along. And we found out that…

Little Ballerina


This past Sunday was the dance review for all of the classes including Sadie's. So we headed over to the chaos that can only be the product of a Y event. We checked Sadie into the "dressing" area where she was to meet up with her class. There was a person taking the girls back to their appropriate rooms and so off Sadie went. We made our way to the gym to grab some seats. Soon I see all the girls from Sadie's class parading in to start a practice before the performance but Sadie is missing. I flew out of the gym and over to the staging room, double and triple checking the rooms and asking which room she was supposed to be in. She was not there. So then I run back to the gym, she is not there, then run back to the rooms and start looking through each room until I spot her jacket, and little Sadie engrossed with a toy amoungst twenty other girls. I ran in and grabbed her and rushed her out to the stage so she could join the class. After the first "ahhhhhh&qu…

Sadie script