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Goings On

Daddy (me) is around the house a bit too much these days, I think. This week it feels like we're running a boot camp for unsavory, motherless, heathen Gibbons. Anytime I am not dressed in slippers and pajamas Emma, unsolicited, says "Bye!" with great gusto. I try not to be offended by anyone under age two (or anyone under voting-rights age, as a matter of fact). Sadie's once-cute recent obsession with all things princess has in these latter days taken a turn toward the type of princess-ism we reference with air quotes and a roll of the eyes. At her school next week, Sadie is scheduled to be "Star of the Week" maybe she's just getting warmed up. As part of the 'Star' week, she provides some insight into herself for the rest of her class, such as favorite food (mac & cheese), favorite color (pink), why she is special (she can jump really high and she is really fast--although not as fast as Audrey, she says). She gets to take show-and-tell…

A few of my favorite things (people)

Cold days in New Jersey means enjoying some couch time. These girls love their Mama, and can't stand to be outside of arms reach of her.

Snow hour

This morning we had some snow outside to ooo and ahhh over. After breakfast we went out to play in it before it melted away. There was enough to make snowballs, snow angels and tracks. We used up the snow on the driveway and headed across the road to the sidewalk where the shade provided ample amounts for more snowballs, angels and tracks. Then we loaded the wagon up for a walk down to the bridge to see if there was ice over the stream. The temps have not been too cold so there was not any to be found until we headed over to the the river. Sadie made a snowball and carried it on our walk, talking about how she was going to put it in the refrigerator so it would last ten years. I made a ball for Emma to carry as well and when we reached the river she decided she wanted to throw it into the river. After one attempt and a miss, she thought it would be better for me to throw it in. After, we watched it float down stream and slowly melt away. It was a nice walk, the snow lifting everyone s…

cutie patootie

Check the sweet pony tail. So so so so cute!

A crumb

Yesterday we had a bit of snow. For about a half hour a few flakes floated about. It was like some giant picked up New Jersey like a piece of toast and decided it needed a little salt and then it was over. The cold has stayed around though. We have high thirties today but the weekend promises to be warm again.
Today Sadie had sports class after school, this month is all about soccer. Emma really wants to do everything Sadie does and today on the way to school she insisted upon bringing a book bag with her. She even toted it to class. Emma agrees that she really would like going to school as well.

Warm weather snow makers

We have had no snow this season so far. But thanks to Christmas, we have plenty of packing popcorn to make our own. Notice the t-shirts the girls are wearing in the 60 degree weather. Today the mercury might hit 70.

Just when you start thinking your first child is intelligent...

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New Year ...Resolutions?

Sorry to all of you readers out there who would be looking for cute stories of little girls frolicking about but I am here just to post about my dental issues. I have just completed one more visit to my wonderful new dentist who seems to find more and more reasons for me to come back and see her. I really mean that she is wonderful, up until her I have truly dreaded the dentist which is most likely the main reason she continues to find more things for me to come back and treat. But I am making progress in my EXTREME nervous-ness toward the whole dental experience. I know that this is something I need to do rather than something to do if I want to. And today she said she wished she could change my mind about coming to the dentist and I said I wish she could to. Going through all of the stress I put on myself with every visit seems ridiculous and I would stop if I could figure a way to go about it. Ultimately I would just like to get all this work over with and start on regular visits t…