Weekend Snow

We got some snow last night. It was actually really turning everything white and sticking. In the morning all the branches were dusted with white and it was quite pretty. We went out for some play after breakfast. Once we were on the cold side we came back in. Emma's nose looked like a little strawberry, red with cold. Nathan needed a coffee break so he headed out to get some and looked down and the car thermometer and realized that is was a shivery 21 degrees.(No wonder the snow was hanging around!)
I headed out to the store to stock up on groceries and on my way home saw a man roller skating on a major road, through the slush and causing quite a trafic hazard. I think when I am seventy, maybe I will go for a bit of a skate after lunch when it is 23 degrees with fresh snow on the ground, too. What was he thinking! And yes, he had to be pushing seventy. We have seen him before in the summer.


Anonymous said…
Oh Good! I now havw something to do for my seventieth birthday...go roller skating in the snow!


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