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"You make the call" - caption contest


Children of all ages

Sunday after returning from our city excursion we headed off to the Big Apple Circus, fullfilling Sadie's request for going once again. (She had quite a tearful break down one day when she thought she had MISSED the circus because we did not color and turn in the coloring contest form to win tickets. She had received the form from her "girls sports" class at the YMCA, who was a sponser, which made her think that the only way you could get the tickets was to color and turn in said paper. Oh, to have the world of a four year old once again.)

Emma and Grandpa enjoy the fun filled fanfare, Pirate Booty (Emma's snack of choice) and a sparkley baton.

Sadie, with her required circus food item, popcorn and Daddy. She had not tried popcorn before she and Daddy went last time, right after Emma was born. And it made a big impression. We sat down and she immediately requested the striped box of greasy goodness. Then her eyes turned to saucers as the first act began.

On our minds...

One of the most wonderful sculptures in the museum, I had to have some pictures of it.

I loved this painting as well.

Nathan is contemplating how one would create a smooth transition at the treshold of the temple between the flagstone and the temple flooring.


Friday afternoon, just before dinner we went out for a walk. You can't see the stuff falling and blowing in our faces, but there is a good amount of frozen rain droplets pelting us as we go.

In other news, Sadie's class celebrated St Patrick's Day with green milk shakes and Lepricon hunting. She claims to have seen one but does not know what it looked like because he was extremely fast and only spotted him as a green flash when he dashed out the window. He left copious amounts of magic dust (read: glitter) around the classroom. Sadie and Audrey spent the whole while after school on the playground searching for clues which might lead them to find another one of the little green men.

This week at school the letter of the week is Gg, and for snack they had green veggies and green dip ("It was just ranch dressing, Mama!").
Grossest thing of the week: I found a dead bat in the basement. Now the week is not over yet, but I think that may rank in the top ten all-time …

27-hr Timeout

Grandma and Grandpa were coming to town last weekend...well, only Grandpa made it due to weather and lax hiring standards at United Airlines. Grandma's flight got delayed by one day due to snow in NJ, but she was mistakenly re-booked for sometime next year. Grandpa's flight came from Beijing, so after 14 hours in the air they went ahead and let him land in the snow.

So...Grandpa got kid-duty while Sara and I went on a 27-hour date to NYC. We did a show ("Wicked" -- very good) and dinner at Mesa Grill (TV/celebrity type chef Bobby Flay), we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art so Sara could get a dose of some "really good painting," and stayed at the W Hotel in Union Square. We did not have time for Sara's favorite yarn Shop in SoHo, but had a great time. Thanks, Grandpa, hero and champion of the weekend.

Pictures below are in the museum and on the street in NYC...

Warm days


We have enjoyed some beautiful days this week. The bulbs are peeking up to see if it is safe to bloom. And we have been out in it all as much as possible and remembering how summer can be.

Nathan and I finished the flooring in both rooms this week and we feel like we moved in to half of a new house. It really feels great to make some drastic changes without moving walls around. Paint alone has done wonders for our home. I can't wait to go rummage in May at the huge sale down the road to find some great old stuff to add a little more character. I was able to find some great stuff at the fall sale last year.


Here are the cupcakes we baked for dessert last night, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I wanted to eat them all but I refrained. Sadie said they were the greatest ever in the world, which usually means she likes something a whole bunch. I asked if she would want this for her birthday, suggesting we could make a vanilla cake and use the cocoa frosting, but she said no she wanted cupcakes. We have been to two birthdays recently which both had cupcake cakes. This is a cake made up of many cupcakes smeared with inches of frosting and an airbrushed picture. So I think the cupcakes are all the rage right about now.
Howdy there. We are back here again. So many little things I have thought to post while we were out of service and it is impossible to remember them now.
A few are:

Emma has this thing of accentuating her words by adding a ie, o, ers, etc. Here are some examples, "Do you want to have a banana?" Emma replies," Yep, yeppie, yeppers, yep-O". It makes me laugh every time. It is usually added on to the words, yes and no , but can also be added to nouns on special occasions.