27-hr Timeout

Grandma and Grandpa were coming to town last weekend...well, only Grandpa made it due to weather and lax hiring standards at United Airlines. Grandma's flight got delayed by one day due to snow in NJ, but she was mistakenly re-booked for sometime next year. Grandpa's flight came from Beijing, so after 14 hours in the air they went ahead and let him land in the snow.

So...Grandpa got kid-duty while Sara and I went on a 27-hour date to NYC. We did a show ("Wicked" -- very good) and dinner at Mesa Grill (TV/celebrity type chef Bobby Flay), we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art so Sara could get a dose of some "really good painting," and stayed at the W Hotel in Union Square. We did not have time for Sara's favorite yarn Shop in SoHo, but had a great time. Thanks, Grandpa, hero and champion of the weekend.

Pictures below are in the museum and on the street in NYC...


Papa said…
Way to go Grandpa!!! Thrown into the breach, alone and performed admirably. After 14 hours in the air, that's really getting down to earth.
Sounds like a good time was had by all on the East Coast. Only Grandma was bummed-out, not being able to spend time with the girls and Grandpa:-(

Nate, you don't have to look so serious, just because you're in the MOMA.
Anonymous said…
Art is serious business...and Modern Art (notice the capital letters) is VERY serious!!

Thanks Harold for giving Sara & Nate a mini-vacation!

1000hats said…
It was the MET, not the MOMA, hence the 500-yr-old paintings in the background!

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