Friday afternoon, just before dinner we went out for a walk. You can't see the stuff falling and blowing in our faces, but there is a good amount of frozen rain droplets pelting us as we go.

In other news, Sadie's class celebrated St Patrick's Day with green milk shakes and Lepricon hunting. She claims to have seen one but does not know what it looked like because he was extremely fast and only spotted him as a green flash when he dashed out the window. He left copious amounts of magic dust (read: glitter) around the classroom. Sadie and Audrey spent the whole while after school on the playground searching for clues which might lead them to find another one of the little green men.

This week at school the letter of the week is Gg, and for snack they had green veggies and green dip ("It was just ranch dressing, Mama!").
Grossest thing of the week: I found a dead bat in the basement. Now the week is not over yet, but I think that may rank in the top ten all-time grossest things you could find; ok now I am thinking of many gross things one could find, but it is up there, defintly.


Papa said…
The dark and snowy bridge looks like "Sleepy Hollow".
Anonymous said…
Well, a dead bat is rather gross, but I think Grandma found a grosser thing...half a the laundry, clean laundry, fresh out of the washing machine...the missing half of lizzard was never found...come to your own conclusion....

Anonymous said…
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