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Sunday after returning from our city excursion we headed off to the Big Apple Circus, fullfilling Sadie's request for going once again. (She had quite a tearful break down one day when she thought she had MISSED the circus because we did not color and turn in the coloring contest form to win tickets. She had received the form from her "girls sports" class at the YMCA, who was a sponser, which made her think that the only way you could get the tickets was to color and turn in said paper. Oh, to have the world of a four year old once again.)

Emma and Grandpa enjoy the fun filled fanfare, Pirate Booty (Emma's snack of choice) and a sparkley baton.

Sadie, with her required circus food item, popcorn and Daddy. She had not tried popcorn before she and Daddy went last time, right after Emma was born. And it made a big impression. We sat down and she immediately requested the striped box of greasy goodness. Then her eyes turned to saucers as the first act began.


Papa said…
Who's that big kid, with the all-denim outfit?

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