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We are still around...

Around here things are calming down and working up at the same time.

Last Wednesday night Sadie had close encounters of the worst kind with the stairs on her way up to dinner. It looked fifty times worse than it really was, and I totally lost it. Nathan was telling me to calm down but every time I looked at her I freaked out more. Then Sadie being the heroine that she is, says " Mama, I am okay." So then I got a hold of myself enough to calm Sadie down and keep her still while Nathan called 911. She had slipped and fallen into the stairs (or so we think since neither of us saw it) while coming up and hit her mouth and cheek really good on the stair tread. Her upper lip was tucked up underneath itself and lots of blood was in her mouth and coming from her nose. I was having visions of spending the night in hospital for reconstructive surgery. Then I realised she still had bread in her mouth from before the accident, and that was what I thought was pieces of her mout…

More eggtivities...


Happy Easter!

Basket unpacking
All the rage eye paraphernalia

Snuggley bunny

New kicks too

We even had snow today. Click on photo to see IMAX version.

As Easter approaches...

We are all full of cold germs and feeling stressed on several levels. Nathan has the worst of the stress with all the new business stuff to pull together. So far the cold stuff is more on the annoying side and slows us down and puts me in a generally foul mood, but it is not bad. I hope this is how it continues until it is done.

At this very moment, Sadie and Emma have taken to entertaining themselves with removing all clothing and running around, screaming and hiding from me while I make this post. Now they are "sleeping" in the dirty laundry baskets.

I need to go to Target today and load up on the household essentials, namely Kleenex since all of us are blowing our noses every other minute or so. I think I have most everything for the Easter baskets but we need some new crayons so I think I will pick up some for the baskets as well. For some reason, the black crayons are all missing and it is the most requested color for drawing around here.

We decorated eggs on Wednesd…

Sadie's pictures from today

For all of you who have not met Emma's newest friend, here is her "doddie" named Happy("Appy") . Happy sleeps in her bed right next to Baby every night.

Here is Emma holding Happy.

Final unveiling of the floor situation






First this.... Then this...