As Easter approaches...

We are all full of cold germs and feeling stressed on several levels. Nathan has the worst of the stress with all the new business stuff to pull together. So far the cold stuff is more on the annoying side and slows us down and puts me in a generally foul mood, but it is not bad. I hope this is how it continues until it is done.

At this very moment, Sadie and Emma have taken to entertaining themselves with removing all clothing and running around, screaming and hiding from me while I make this post. Now they are "sleeping" in the dirty laundry baskets.

I need to go to Target today and load up on the household essentials, namely Kleenex since all of us are blowing our noses every other minute or so. I think I have most everything for the Easter baskets but we need some new crayons so I think I will pick up some for the baskets as well. For some reason, the black crayons are all missing and it is the most requested color for drawing around here.

We decorated eggs on Wednesday and cut out chick sugar cookies for the three other families in our fearsome foursome or as one of the girls refers to them all, super hero princesses.

I have been working a lot on this blog, reloading all the pictures since the beginning of the thing because they were lost in transfer while we had those technical difficulties in January. So in reading most of the posts and looking through pictures, it has made me realize how much these little munchkins we live with have changed in such a short time. Emma is approaching her second birthday, and while it seems appropriate today looking at her, it is totally amazing how she has changed in her first two years. I told Nathan she is so cute, how could we not have another?
I must admit, I am totally challenged by our everyday life. I have been trying to remember that all this goes so fast, while they are little and at home, and try to enjoy the screaming and arguing and rambunciousness rather than stress over it. Don't worry boundaries are still in place. I am so susceptible to being upset by it all and totally emotional about stupid things like why Emma refuses to put on her shoes when we need to get out the door, or change her diaper when the worst diaper accident is bound to happen at any moment if it is not changed RIGHT NOW. We were given two hardheaded, strong-willed little girls, and I am thankful for that, there are many issues I have not had to deal with because of it, but laying down boundaries comes with difficulty and lots of patience. The patience part I am lacking which adds to the difficulty.

I just found out that my cousin Annie has started a blog to document their adventures in babyland. Robbie and Annie are expecting their first child in July, a little boy. I read through their posts about the excitement of ultrasounds, cribs, and all the new stuff that begins in your life with the arrival of the first baby. It is fun to read how truely excited they are about it.
Best wishes to you guys!


Papa said…
Hope Easter finds everyone sniffle-free and bounding about like bunnies! Your narratives tell intimate stories of your day-to-day. Anxious to see the photos of your Easter romp(s).

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