We are still around...

Around here things are calming down and working up at the same time.

Last Wednesday night Sadie had close encounters of the worst kind with the stairs on her way up to dinner. It looked fifty times worse than it really was, and I totally lost it. Nathan was telling me to calm down but every time I looked at her I freaked out more. Then Sadie being the heroine that she is, says " Mama, I am okay." So then I got a hold of myself enough to calm Sadie down and keep her still while Nathan called 911. She had slipped and fallen into the stairs (or so we think since neither of us saw it) while coming up and hit her mouth and cheek really good on the stair tread. Her upper lip was tucked up underneath itself and lots of blood was in her mouth and coming from her nose. I was having visions of spending the night in hospital for reconstructive surgery. Then I realised she still had bread in her mouth from before the accident, and that was what I thought was pieces of her mouth/teeth floating around in her mouth. Anyway, the EMT arrived and determined she was stable and needed to go to ER, so we took a ride by ambulance. Once there, the doctors figured out that her lip was just stuck up in her mouth and once they untucked it, Sadie looked much more herself. She had some trouble eating the next day or so, but she bounced back pretty well.

A week later you could not tell that it happened at all.

Today, at the playground, Emma tried to do the monkey bars by herself. Just as I look up, see her and say,"No Emma!", she reaches out, misses the bar and does a face plant somersault. There is something no ones tells you before you have kids, everyday there will be something that takes your blood pressure to dangerously high levels. Either I feel I am constantly telling them to stop doing something that could cause serious injury or worrying if the tumble they just endured caused serious injury. Ahhh, stress! Anyway, Emma seems to be fine, thankfully two year olds are really stretchy and bendy.

This saturday we head out to Colorado for a big family celebration of Emma'a second birthday.

Sunday we had some candles and cake on Sunday, the actual birth day.

So we need to get everything together for the trip which should not be complicated. In other news, I finished all my major dentistry just in time to need another cleaning. Yippee! The dentist is very happy the way my mouth has healed with her somewhat experimental procedure to fix a very conpromised tooth and I feel very happy that I made it through. Yeah for nice dentists, there are some out there!


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see everyone's faces at the Heckman Compound in Colorado!

Unknown said…
Holy moly! All I think about is all the good stuff I get to do with Matty. I know he's gonna do the same stuff as Sadie and Emma but I don't want to think about that stuff. Just the Padres games, and fishing, and playing catch... ahhh there's my happy place!
Anonymous said…
Hope youse guys had an easy trip home after the snow melt. We're re-loading the kitchen, this weekend.
Really enjoyed the Colorado visit, including "roughing-it" during the white-out. Emma's already a character at TWO! As Emma would say, WOW!!!! PAPA

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