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Shooting the breeze defined...

Next week at school, Sadie and all the other 4yr olds are hosting a Cowpoke Jamboree in celebration of the end of the year. ( I really am in disbelief that the school year is already at its end!) Anywho, on the invitation it annouces all the activities that will be involved, one of the them being "shootin' the breeze". So Sadie asked Nathan what that meant. So we have been shootin' the breeze a lot these days with all our warm weather. On Thurs, after school we had a picnic with two other moms whiched ended up lasting four hours. We held it on the baseball field behind the school, where there is a line of great shade trees and a big field without anything injury worthy. It was lots of fun but in all the excitement I forgot Sadie's dance class which is preparing for the recital coming up next Sat, for which I still have not received a costume. Hopefully it will all work out but it has definitely turned me off from any more dance classes at the Y. A long story…

More Delays Expected

Well, here we are now two weeks since the last post already. With good weather comes lots of outdoor time and not so much time spent on the computer. Also now that Nathan is working from home at the desk where I normally would compose such things, I seem not to get around to it so much.

So with all the warm weather comes lots of water play. It seems that is all that occupies Sadie's brain when the weather turns warm. Here we have a great example of kid ingenuity. Why spend thousands on a pool?

Walks at the end of the day are nice now too. The sun is setting and everything is throwing shadows and shade, giving us a rest from the heat of the sun. Tree climbing is a new activity for Sadie and she gets excited to find a new limb from which to hang.

Sadie playing with her shadow. It can be a feat to catch her at times with the camera, she is always going.

Emma looks a bit worried and this is as much of a smile she could muster.

I have been putting out new plants in the front garden. Here ar…

About a week behind...

Last Friday we had two birthday parties to attend. The first was at the West's house, with pony rides and a petting zoo. Here are the girls waiting for their turn to pet the animals.
Sadie of course loves these petting zoos, especially because all the animals are calm, babies and shorter than her. There were baby goats, lambs, ducks and bunnies. My favorite were the lambs. Sadie says, "Mama! Feel the lamb, he feels just like a warm sweater!"

Sadie rode the pony as well. Unfortunately I was unable to capture that to share. Just think cute brown and white fuzzy pony and Sadie perched on top, kloppy klop. Also there was a famously huge rummage sale that need attending to. So I went over there and stopped on my home to catch a few photos of the above farm, Moggy Falls Farm, where a steeple chase (with horses) is held every year at the end of summer.
Here is the second party on Friday, complete with pinata, no bat required. Pull da strings, but that did not work so the party mom…

Early Spring


Colorado trip revealed...