About a week behind...

Last Friday we had two birthday parties to attend. The first was at the West's house, with pony rides and a petting zoo. Here are the girls waiting for their turn to pet the animals.

Sadie of course loves these petting zoos, especially because all the animals are calm, babies and shorter than her. There were baby goats, lambs, ducks and bunnies. My favorite were the lambs. Sadie says, "Mama! Feel the lamb, he feels just like a warm sweater!"

Sadie rode the pony as well. Unfortunately I was unable to capture that to share. Just think cute brown and white fuzzy pony and Sadie perched on top, kloppy klop.

Also there was a famously huge rummage sale that need attending to. So I went over there and stopped on my home to catch a few photos of the above farm, Moggy Falls Farm, where a steeple chase (with horses) is held every year at the end of summer.

Here is the second party on Friday, complete with pinata, no bat required. Pull da strings, but that did not work so the party mom just ripped it open.
So that was Friday.
Saturday we went over to a local botanical garden, Buck Gardens to see what was blooming. It was really pretty. The garden was designed in the 1930's and has since naturalized so it seems that is was there all along, well, it is a bit manicured. Sadie and Emma enjoyed seeing the flowers, fish and frogs and running up and down the trails.

Emma was full of faces that day.

I wonder what Sadie was telling Emma here?

Sadie surprised some frogs and Emma almost fell in.

That was our Saturday for the most part. There was probably some other stuff that happened that was not recorded digitally, therefore I have forgotten and it would required using brain power to think of it of which I am currently incapable of expending.

As for Sunday, we went out again for some time and then realized just in time that we needed to get back home so Nathan could make his flight to CA. He was there until Wednesday.

Today was Mother's day Tea at Sadie's school. We (Emma and I) joined Sadie and her class for the last hour of the day for a bit of sharing time in class. All the kids sang a song to all the moms, I was holding back the tears, after the teacher read a story about how great moms are. Then we dined on fruit compote and "cake" made by the children themselves. Next it was time for chapel with Pastor Bob, which threw Sadie in to a tearful frezy because she did not get to "play". I must admit this was a trying day between this event and the all the rest of what goes into a day. Sadie and Emma were having a rough day. With every turn, one or both of them was throwing a tearful fit with which dealing is not my speciality. Anyway, I was happy to hear that song that Sadie sang, that was my bright spot in the day so I will tag that as the memory to remember and let all the rest blur away.


Anonymous said…
Great New Jersey Spring photos. How did you get the Quick pod to stretch far enough to get that pic of you all on the bench?
Anonymous said…
It's me-Papa.

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