More Delays Expected

Well, here we are now two weeks since the last post already. With good weather comes lots of outdoor time and not so much time spent on the computer. Also now that Nathan is working from home at the desk where I normally would compose such things, I seem not to get around to it so much.

So with all the warm weather comes lots of water play. It seems that is all that occupies Sadie's brain when the weather turns warm. Here we have a great example of kid ingenuity. Why spend thousands on a pool?

Walks at the end of the day are nice now too. The sun is setting and everything is throwing shadows and shade, giving us a rest from the heat of the sun. Tree climbing is a new activity for Sadie and she gets excited to find a new limb from which to hang.

Sadie playing with her shadow. It can be a feat to catch her at times with the camera, she is always going.

Emma looks a bit worried and this is as much of a smile she could muster.

I have been putting out new plants in the front garden. Here are a couple. A Pink Yarrow of some kind, and a wonderfully fragrant rose that greets me every time I open the front door with it's sweet fragrance.

We also have new sprouts in back. Emma and I threw about ten packets worth of sunflowers, cosmos and nasturtiums. Mint is taking over everything, but I like it just the same. The coneflowers have come back as well as the lavendar and russian sage we put in last year. We have a few other periennials back that I do not remember the name for, my brain was not built for efficiency. We still need to soak and put down our morning glories of which I think I have five or six packets!

And last a picture of my sweet Sadie, who, in a world of black and white, brings color where ever she goes.


Anonymous said…
Great pics of the mini-pool extravaganza! I can almost smell the roses from the photo. Keep them going this summer.

Love, Papa.
Anonymous said…
Ahhhh imagination. Kids can really bring it out in you. Coolers turned into pools, bugs made part of the family. So fun!!!
Anonymous said…
Posting comments as "Anonymous" and ending the message with one's moniker seems to be working for me.
Anonymous said…
hmmm... I have one of those big 50gal coolers. I bet I could fit in it!

Snow White and the monkey hanging in the tree are very cute!

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