Shooting the breeze defined...

Next week at school, Sadie and all the other 4yr olds are hosting a Cowpoke Jamboree in celebration of the end of the year. ( I really am in disbelief that the school year is already at its end!) Anywho, on the invitation it annouces all the activities that will be involved, one of the them being "shootin' the breeze". So Sadie asked Nathan what that meant. So we have been shootin' the breeze a lot these days with all our warm weather. On Thurs, after school we had a picnic with two other moms whiched ended up lasting four hours. We held it on the baseball field behind the school, where there is a line of great shade trees and a big field without anything injury worthy. It was lots of fun but in all the excitement I forgot Sadie's dance class which is preparing for the recital coming up next Sat, for which I still have not received a costume. Hopefully it will all work out but it has definitely turned me off from any more dance classes at the Y. A long story mostly filled with me complaining about how disorganized that whole program is so I will save you the details.

Sadie says this often now: " That was so funny, I almost burst."
Emma stills says, " WOW!" about pretty much anything and she has developed more of a sense of humor. She regularly tells this knock-knock joke:
Emma: Knock-knock.
Me: Who's there?
E: Orange
M: Orange who?
W: What are you crying about? HA ha funny.

Emma also says, "Not funny!",if you laugh at her or something she says when she is intending to be serious. And she gets rather upset about it.


Anonymous said…
Hope Sadie's cowpoke(cowgirl) boots still fit!!
Both Sadie AND Emma are showing some serious "character" development. Significntly different, they are..

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