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Emma, your sweetness is my weakness!



Last weekend was Grandma Benson's 89th birthday and Larry and Kathy hosted a surprise party at their new house up on the hill. Grandma Benson hid her surprise so well everyone was wondering where she put it. I think she enjoyed the day, but afterward, when we went down to her house, she mentioned that she could not believe that Amilda let her in front of all those people looking the way she did with her hair in a rat's nest. We all laughed. She was worn out by it all I think.
Sadie and Emma played all afternoon with their cousins twice removed or something or other. They had lots of fun and Sadie was already planning her next get together with them all as we were leaving. Dustin replied that he would not be back at Larry and Kathy's because he had to watch wrestling at 8 o'clock. But Sadie was not done negotiating, one of her most accomplished talents.

(View from the front lawn...view from Uncle Dougie's salad bar...sand box on the hill.)
After the party we had to vis…

This wonderful life

Where do I start? We have been busy around here. Last week was the end of the school year.

Playground silliness on the last day of school.

For the last day of school, the class was going to celebrate summer with beach day. Unfortunatley, the temperature never really rose above 60 so they whooped it up in the classroom and much to Sadie's surprise and enjoyment they ate snack on their beach towels!
The night before we went to the 4's celebration where they sang songs and were presented with a certificate of accomplishment for completing the year and moving on to the big K. After there were ice cream cups and cupcakes in the church hall. You also can see a picture of Sadie with her teachers from this year.

Look hard and you will find Sadie getting her certificate. Girls eating ice cream and my favorite new pose from Sadie.

"NO hands mama"says Emma on the swings at the park after the last day of school. We went out for bagels with the Wests and then headed over to the park…


This weekend we picked strawberries, lots and lots of them. Ten pounds. I then attempted jam with not so great results(did not boil long enough). Well, we have jars and jars of strawberry syrup for pancakes, ice cream etc. But I have enough to try again, once I can get ahold of some more jars and lids and time. Last year I boiled the raspberries too long, it is all trial and error I guess.

Last Thursday was the Cowpoke Jamboree, ye-haw. So we all dressed in our cowpoke finest to attend the show and boy, was it great. Sadie's class and the other AM 4yr class got together and sang songs and danced for all us family folk. I thought it was better than the Y show.

Curtsies........................................Beans and Grub......................Little Cowpokes

Lastly, the eagerly awaited thrill of the summer has arrived, twinkling and sparkling in the shadows, the fireflies are here! Sunday night we went out after everyone was ready for bed to catch a few and watch the show.
In this last…

Garden Goodies

Emma holds our first green beans from the teepee that we planted in the back garden.

Emma took this picture of our peas that have not quite reached eating size but they are very sweet as Sadie and I found out when we popped one open to see how they were doing. Now you are almost up to date with what we have been doing. Today we went to the Cowpoke Jamboree at school where Sadie and her class put on a most impressive show, but you will have to wait to see what happened there until another day...soon.

Watermelon weather

I probably sould have picked one or two of these to post but I love all of Sadie's expressions we caught with these. Both girls absolutely love watermelon and with all the hot weather mixed in with all the lovely weather watermelon presents itself as the perfect snack. We have been eating outside on the porch for lunch and dinner often these days and every night there is a request to go back out and play since the sun is still up no matter that the hour hand is pointing to eight. Tonight we had corn on the cob for the first time and when Sadie saw the husks as I put them in the composter she exclaimed, "Are we having watermelon?!".


So Sunday, we headed up to Phila to see Jenny, Will and Larissa. First we met at the Please Touch Museum, which made Sadie laugh with glee when I told her the name of the place. I also mentioned that she could touch everything, cue laugh of four year old glee. It was quite a place with some really fun stuff including scenes from Alice in Wonderland, a farm, a real bus, and mini-me grocery store. Here is a display of strength after a big plate of green beans.

Alice through the looking glass and a sip of tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

In the Night Kitchen and sailing Max's boat to where the Wild Things are.

Little bus drivers

This was a little tram that Will remembered from a dept store at Christmas time. It ran on a track from the ceiling of the store.

Fishing , Daddy caught a D and lifevests are a must!

Grocery shopping- I love that the first thing Sadie picks out is a box of Ding Dongs and the second thing is a huge round of cheese. Emma goes straight to the fruit and man…