So Sunday, we headed up to Phila to see Jenny, Will and Larissa. First we met at the Please Touch Museum, which made Sadie laugh with glee when I told her the name of the place. I also mentioned that she could touch everything, cue laugh of four year old glee. It was quite a place with some really fun stuff including scenes from Alice in Wonderland, a farm, a real bus, and mini-me grocery store. Here is a display of strength after a big plate of green beans.

Alice through the looking glass and a sip of tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

In the Night Kitchen and sailing Max's boat to where the Wild Things are.

Little bus drivers

This was a little tram that Will remembered from a dept store at Christmas time. It ran on a track from the ceiling of the store.

Fishing , Daddy caught a D and lifevests are a must!

Grocery shopping- I love that the first thing Sadie picks out is a box of Ding Dongs and the second thing is a huge round of cheese. Emma goes straight to the fruit and manages to get all the nectarines and onions. Next she heads to the can goods and loads up on veggies. Sadie picks a box of cereal and a pineapple. Also love the one of Emma by the queso bin! Last Emma and Larissa check out at the register, stocking up on peanut butter, jelly and honey. Daddy says, "Where is the bread?"

Next we headed to Rich and Lisa's awesome loft in Philly and hang out, have lunch and hit the ArtStar gallery art fair where I pick up a sweet T and little vase. As we walked back home, the rain began and by the time we reached the loft the storm was in full swing. We then headed over to Will's parents for a BBQ and to watch the rain. See Larissa, Sadie and Emma chowing on hot dogs. Emma wraps up the night with her signature move. It was a great day with great people.


Anonymous said…
Are you sure the girls didn't eat several helpings of spinach(certified organic, prior to the series of events pictured above???
Whew!! Starting out with weight lifting!! WOW! - Papa

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