Last weekend was Grandma Benson's 89th birthday and Larry and Kathy hosted a surprise party at their new house up on the hill. Grandma Benson hid her surprise so well everyone was wondering where she put it. I think she enjoyed the day, but afterward, when we went down to her house, she mentioned that she could not believe that Amilda let her in front of all those people looking the way she did with her hair in a rat's nest. We all laughed. She was worn out by it all I think.
Sadie and Emma played all afternoon with their cousins twice removed or something or other. They had lots of fun and Sadie was already planning her next get together with them all as we were leaving. Dustin replied that he would not be back at Larry and Kathy's because he had to watch wrestling at 8 o'clock. But Sadie was not done negotiating, one of her most accomplished talents.

(View from the front lawn...view from Uncle Dougie's salad bar...sand box on the hill.)

After the party we had to visit Uncle Doug's garden and it was planted and sprouting but had quite a few more sunny days before the picking was good.

This week started out a bit steamy so we pulled out the slip 'n' slide and soon the girls had goose bumps. The water stays very cold even in the heat of summer. In fact, as I tried to explain why the water was so cold Sadie asked," if we dug a big hole so the sun could shine down into the ground would the water warm up?" Other topics of discussion this week, how trees make oxygen for us to breathe, what exactly is oxygen, do people go into the hospital from breathing bad air so they can get good air, and how do tress breath? There is a lot that goes into kindergarten preparation these days, I think I need a tutor.

The camera lense was fogging up while I was trying to take pictures!

House going up next door.


Anonymous said…
Hopefully Emma didn't hurt neck on he slip and.......Papa.
Anonymous said…
That house going up nex door should help your selling price-Papa

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