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The aftermath

We are back to somewhat routine life again after everyone who reads this (save a few) was out to visit for Sadie's 5th Birthday weekend. Today we escaped to the farm to pick peaches and raspberries while some people toured our house. We ended up staying all afternoon and put in a few dusty miles under our belts walking through the peach orchard searching for ripe ones. I need to post some more of the details from the weekend so stay tuned.

On top of the hay..................peaches.................Queen Anne's Lace

Emma and Smurf ice cream

LD blogging

I realized that there has been a severe lack of pictures on our most recent posts. Nathan says there has been too much LD blogging, but sorry to write there are no pictures. On the other hand, I think he has been brainwashed by all those "sell your house" shows and I am on the brink of insanity with all his opinions (read: my way or the highway mentality). But anyway, today we closed on the new house and listed out here. Tomorrow is an agent openhouse. Sunday will be a regular open house, yes the day after Sadie's birthday when everyone is in town. Things that are bumming me out; most of Sadie's closest friends are out of town this weekend so they will be missing the party, having to show the house with company in town (would much rather be spending time with all the out-of-towners, and Sadie and Emma coming down with colds this week, oh and spending so much time of the little bit we have left here working on the house while the girls watch hours of tv.

Tonight Sa…
" I saw a little twink, a little spark, a little shine!" Sadie sees a firefly out the window tonight.

There is this thing about real...

Sadie needs to know what is real or not. She is constantly asking if what she sees or reads is real, like the princesses at Disneyland or Santa Claus, or his flying reindeer, fairies and other such creatures. And I must say that I am a bit leary of building up these ideas in her head only to have her, one day figure out that all those things that seem real as a little kid are just actors or stories or whatever. So I have a hard time with how to go about the whole thing, am I committed to upholding the pretendness of all things magical or otherworldly? I mean I really do enjoy well done fantasy books or movies.
She is very insistent on reminding me what things are just pretend, like when I see a mossy patch in the woods butted up against a fallen tree and I say that it would be the perfect place to watch for fairies. And then there was the whole thing with seeing a leprechan at school on St Patricks Day. He left a trail of dust ( read: green glitter) through her classroom and out …

And I quote,

"Not, Not?"(knock, knock) says Emma.
Who's there?
"Ewww"( translation=orange)
Ewww who?
"what trying bout? Ha ha ha!"

And then I say, "Emma are you a goofball?"
Then Emma says," I NOT doofball!"
Then Sadie says:

"What if you were a real ball, and you told lots of funny jokes and they called you Mrs. Goofball?"

Maybe her pen name is J. Handey

She says...

Emma's quotables:

"Not topy me!".....Don't copy me.
"whippy wide"....slip'n'slide
"mine own".... my own
She also feels it is necessary to re-enact every injury that befalls her, including narrative as to what was motivating her to perform such actions as may lead to injury, as well as the actual inccident which caused the mentioned injury. It can be quite funny, to say the least.

From today, Sadie is playing in back, stirring grass soup for the band which includes horses, fairies and people.

"That won't do, I will have to get these little fellas right out of there."
If there was ever a need for a record button, it is to capture all of her hilariously sweet little songs.

This week we went to see Ratatouille. Nathan was out of town playing golf in the Fly Open so we went to the movies at the last minute. I really liked it, I think Sadie did too. Emma fell asleep about ten minutes in p then woke up when i had…

Hellos and Goodbyes

Since our most recent change in plans, we have been trying to get everything figured out and ready for the next step. For those of you who may read this and are not members of immediate family you are still in the dark I am sure. We are returning to CA this August! Yes, we are very excited and sad at the same time. So many things will be missed back here in the East. And I would like to say for the record that New Jersey has a bad rap. It is great out here and the people are generally very nice with a great sense of community. So that is our big news. We will be putting our house on the market soon and we have found a new house in Point Loma. I can't wait to be there!
Today is the fourth of July and we have been lazing about. Sadie has the fever Emma had last week. So we have been home for the last week without much activities. Happily, Sadie has been content for the most part with doing stuff around the house. I miss seeing everyone at school on a daily basis and once t…