Hellos and Goodbyes

Since our most recent change in plans, we have been trying to get everything figured out and ready for the next step. For those of you who may read this and are not members of immediate family you are still in the dark I am sure. We are returning to CA this August! Yes, we are very excited and sad at the same time. So many things will be missed back here in the East. And I would like to say for the record that New Jersey has a bad rap. It is great out here and the people are generally very nice with a great sense of community. So that is our big news. We will be putting our house on the market soon and we have found a new house in Point Loma. I can't wait to be there!
Today is the fourth of July and we have been lazing about. Sadie has the fever Emma had last week. So we have been home for the last week without much activities. Happily, Sadie has been content for the most part with doing stuff around the house. I miss seeing everyone at school on a daily basis and once these kids are well again we will try to get out with some friends to the
park, the farm for some picking and some time at bible school camp for Sadie.

At the library, there is a reading program for the kids and this year Sadie is doing the readers program. She reads all the books herself and the acheivement is measured in time rather than books read. I must admit that we are just counting the books instead since most of the time she spends reading is before bed, I just guesstimate the time it takes to read each book. So she has completed the first four hours of reading so she gets to pick a prize from the treasure chest. She is very excited.


Alisha said…
Yay! You're coming back! Not that we'll see too much of you in San Diego, but we'll see you more often there than in NJ! I can't imagine how much you're going to miss having SPACE, though! It's easy for us folk who've always measured our lots in sq. footage, not portions of acres. Good news: fruits, veggies and flowers grow here, too! :o)
Guess I won't be visiting you in NJ when we come out in Sept, eh?
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to our last visit with you in NJ, this month. The countryside IS beautiful. Dad.
Anonymous said…
What no baseball tickets or yankee bats. Well back to sweating it out here in the valley. Pushing 100 these days. ORANGE

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