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I realized that there has been a severe lack of pictures on our most recent posts. Nathan says there has been too much LD blogging, but sorry to write there are no pictures. On the other hand, I think he has been brainwashed by all those "sell your house" shows and I am on the brink of insanity with all his opinions (read: my way or the highway mentality). But anyway, today we closed on the new house and listed out here. Tomorrow is an agent openhouse. Sunday will be a regular open house, yes the day after Sadie's birthday when everyone is in town. Things that are bumming me out; most of Sadie's closest friends are out of town this weekend so they will be missing the party, having to show the house with company in town (would much rather be spending time with all the out-of-towners, and Sadie and Emma coming down with colds this week, oh and spending so much time of the little bit we have left here working on the house while the girls watch hours of tv.

Tonight Sadie and I went to the library for a performance of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It was very well done. Two actors played all the parts. Sadie really liked it and Miss Audrey and Miss Riley arrived last minute to make it even more fun for her. What I love about Sadie, she loves her friends. Another thing I love about her, she is never without any. She can make a friend anywhere we go. I looked over at her when Audrey came in the door to see if she would spot her( we were not sitting together, kids were up front, parents in the back.) When she saw her, she yelled out "Audrey!", and Audrey called back, "Sadie!" and came over to grab a seat next to her. We are going to miss the West Family so much!

Last week Sadie went to Vacation Bible School at the church where she also went to school. She was in a group with a few kids from her classes this year and last. On Wednesday morning after two days of camp, I told her she needed to get up to get to camp on time and she responded, " Again, we just do the same thing every time. First we color, then we go to the marketplace..." It made me laugh. I reminded her that they do different crafts each day in the marketplace and she gets to be with her friends. She got up and did not complain again. One of the crafts they did was make sandals out of carpet and cotton rope. They were a hit with everyone.
We spent a lot of time outside on the playground after camp also. One day we were there until 2pm! Camp was out at 1130am. It was late lunch that day. We also went over to Sarah's pool late in the afternoon one day that it was really hot. That was nice as well. Sadie and Emma have been asking to go again.


Alisha said…
To Nate: We don't actually NEED photos. Plain old words work just fine.
To Sara: I feel the bittersweetness in your voice. Change sure can stink! Congrats on your new house, though!!! I hope the NJ sale goes as quickly and smoothly. I'm sure there's a lot of fun stuff you'd rather be doing during your last days, but I KNOW that Sadie and Emma will NOT remember that they sat and watched TV for the last few weeks. They'll remember all the fun adventures you all have had while you've lived in New Jersey!!!
Anonymous said…
This move west may seem a little more compressed than the move east.

We'll have a great time visiting this weekend for Sadie's Birthday, open house or not. Maybe, we'll even get to meet the new owners!!?
Hope, so.
Remember we celebrated Emma's Birthday with limited power, in a blizzard. This weekend should go ok. Papa
Anonymous said…
LD blogging?
1000hats said…
LD= low definition; the opposite of HD= high definition

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