She says...

Emma's quotables:

"Not topy me!".....Don't copy me.
"whippy wide"....slip'n'slide
"mine own".... my own
She also feels it is necessary to re-enact every injury that befalls her, including narrative as to what was motivating her to perform such actions as may lead to injury, as well as the actual inccident which caused the mentioned injury. It can be quite funny, to say the least.

From today, Sadie is playing in back, stirring grass soup for the band which includes horses, fairies and people.

"That won't do, I will have to get these little fellas right out of there."
If there was ever a need for a record button, it is to capture all of her hilariously sweet little songs.

This week we went to see Ratatouille. Nathan was out of town playing golf in the Fly Open so we went to the movies at the last minute. I really liked it, I think Sadie did too. Emma fell asleep about ten minutes in p then woke up when i had to take Sadie to the bathroom. When I got home I felt like cooking, believe it or not. So I went out in the garden and snipped all the basil I could find and whipped up some pesto to top some ravioli I had picked up at Whole Foods. Sadie and Emma had leftover chicken soup with orzo. That day was very challenging so ending it with a simple and delicous meal was very nice.

Today we went over to "big home improvement store" and picked up some stuff to get started on all of our little projects to get the house ready for listing. I picked up some paint for both upstairs bathrooms and a bit to touch up in Sadie's room. Both rooms look a lot better to our eyes, hopefully they will in the buyers as well. We also have a new vanity top to install in our bathroom but we are using professional help for that. I am always scared of plumbing, although I am sure we could pull it off. It would take us all weekend and about five trips to the hardware store, while a pro could do it in two hours or less.


Anonymous said…
Great Emma and Sadie stories. Anxious to experience them, in person,again soon.

Hope all your improvements turn out fine.

Waiting for Debi to wake up. We're planning to drive up near Dana Point to a little restaurant, next to the Starbucks where we always stop.The're both on Ritz-Carlton Drive. The food always smells so good and we've been wanting to eat there. Then, for th rest of our Anniversary Day, we'll drive further up PCH to check out the beach cities. Papa

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